Take the first step successfully

Qin Liang’s brilliant skills in picking up girls,Fully play out again,These few words,The relationship between him and Li Xiaoxiao is already extraordinary……
“what?How could i be angry with you……No,I know you are busy……”
Li Xiaoxiao is flattered,Panic again,She doesn’t even know;When did I become so familiar with this handsome president??How come I remember that after I joined the company,I’ve never had any contact with him after the heat。
“How are you?Is work going well??Is anyone bullying you?Tell me if you have,Dare to bully my sister Qin Liang,Don’t you want to be mixed up?”
Qin Liang, the big-tailed wolf pretends,Absolutely invincible,He is more than“World King”what,He should still be“World Wolf King”Just right……
“No no,No one bullies me。”
Li Xiaoxiao’s heartbeat quickened,My face was red with excitement,President’s sister,Wow!This……This is too graphic。
“Come,Let me see,Is it beautiful again??”
Qin Liang is talking,Reached out and pulled Li Xiaoxiao to the window very close to him,Look at her face very seriously。
Li Xiaoxiao is shy and nervous,Standing in front of Qin Liang dumbfounded and helpless。
“Damn,My girl gets more beautiful,She’s just a little fairy daughter。”
Qin Liang is a thick-skinned man……
“Not so exaggerated……Just ok,Still see……”
Originally, Li Xiaoxiao was still very confident about his face,But Qin Liang praised,She was vague。
“correct,Why are you going??”
Qin Liang thinks it will be a bit too much,If you say too much praise, you will be doubted,So he immediately braked,Changed the subject。
“I go to the bathroom……”