“Floret!come。”Zou Zijie shouted。

The puppy named Xiaohua,Leave Ding Yi immediately,Ran to Zou Zijie。
Ding Yi’s face turned pale,Look down,A few plum blossoms are printed on my white skirt。
The village director yelled at Zou Zijie:“You can’t circle them?”
Zou Zijie hurried these dogs to an empty room,Then close the door,Said to Ding Yi:“Sorry,The lesbians who come to me are not afraid of dogs。”
The director said angrily:“The women who come to you are better than dogs,Of course they are not afraid。”
Zou Zijie smiled,Ding Yi found,Zou Zijie’s face is black and shiny,But when I laughed I showed two rows of neat white teeth,It contrasts sharply with his skin tone。
The village director said:“I will make water for you,You go wash your face,Change clothes。”
Zou Zijie took out tea,Went out。I wore a white shirt for a while,Washed my face,And combed my hair。
This is a medium figure,Physique man,Light brown eyes,High nose bridge,Like carving,Angular,There is a chance to be really and shy when laughing,It could also be the reason for changing clothes just now,I was a little cramped when I saw Ding Yi。Ding Yi found,He actually wore a pair of leather shoes barefoot,Ding Yi took the initiative to reach out,When I want to hold him,He quickly wiped his hands on his body,Squeezed gently,Even though he didn’t try hard,But Ding Yi still felt the roughness and strength of his hands。
Ding Yi remembered what Teacher Lin said,Encounter interviewees who are introverted,Don’t use reporter-style questions,I have to talk to him first,Downplay your journalist status,To be like a friend we met for the first time,First understand some of his irrelevant circumstances,Do not directly enter the subject,This does not seem to be the subject of the conversation,But they are all serving the theme,To talk about the topics that interest him most,Slowly he won’t be nervous。In addition,An effective way for him to open the conversation is to become familiar with the interviewee’s life and environment as soon as possible,So easy to find a common language。One sentence,Don’t use yourself as a reporter,Only in this way,Your interview can be successful。
Ding Yi quickly discovered an interesting thing,On the old sofa by the north wall,Covered with a washed, whitish clean military canvas,Have a sofa leg,It is cushioned by two bricks wrapped in newspaper,Although the decoration in the room is simple,Even a little shabby,But clean and orderly。Ding Yi also saw,On the desk against the wall,There is a mahogany support,Above is a piece of ore-like thing,Ebony。She walked over,After a closer look,I found many golden mineral crystals shining inside。Ding Yi never met,But she vaguely thinks it should be gold ore,Just said:“Is this gold ore?”
Zou Zijie came over,Said:“Is gold ore,And it’s a higher content of gold ore,You weigh。”Talking,Put this stone on Ding’s hand。
Ding Yi felt this rock was very cold and heavy,Just said:“Is the gold extracted from here??”
“You are in corn breeding,Is there any research on ore??”
“Ha ha,Not studied,This is given to me by the teacher。”