“How can you?Still like that,Have a cooperation with him,May contact him for a few months。”

The front is a red light,Blue Qiqi stopped the car again。
“Yes?,Kiki,Did you have dinner??”
“Not,Do you want me to eat??”
“I have a person to eat is very lonely.,If you come over, I ask you to eat delicious.。”
Blue Yuqi frown:“Do you not be at home??”
“Back to Hainan District,My two younger brother is not a boost light.,Very quite,Don’t say these bad things,You can’t come.?I am still in the city.,I have to go back to the farm for dinner.?”
“Good,Where do you meet you?。”Blue Qiqi feels that he is really defeated.,I can’t refuse his request every time.。
“Address to you,You can have a navigation.。”Chu Feiyang hangs up the phone。
Take a short while,Address,She opened the navigation to http://www.lude77.cn open the car。
Chu Feiyang has not worked after graduation.,Grandpa died,Also gave him a hundred billion legacy,So grandchildren,Grandpa loves very much。
He is learning from a small child.,After graduating, I will live in the class.,Make all the grandfather to leave everything,It’s also very chic.。
People all have a message,Everyone lives in accordance with their own preferences.,She doesn’t feel that Chu Feiyang is alive.,Just thinking about him every day.,Give him a fire,I don’t come back directly to the farm.。
One is to hide her mother,Two,His father has developed after returning from abroad.,Now live with him in the farm。
Chu Feiyang is very helpless,But it’s your own father,He can’t help but。
Blue Qiqi stops the car in the parking lot,After getting off,She looked up,Chu Feiyang is looking for a western restaurant。
Both sides have a humour tree,At this time, the lush is particularly beautiful.。
She walked over,I am far away from the Chu Feyang Station waiting for her.。
“Kiki,Come back。”Chu Feiyang hits her,The other hand is inserted in the trouser pocket, but it is very eye-catching.。
Blue Qiqi is running in the past,Her high,Generally wear high heels,Unless necessary,Other time wearing a single shoes or a little bit。
“Slow down slow,Be unhappy,Although I have a good dish,But there should be no food yet.?”Chu Feiyang is very happy,Fortunately, I have no white waiting for her.,Blue Qiqi is sometimes fascinating, always put his pigeon。
“I am not afraid you are waiting.?”Lan Qi laughs and walks。
Han Yuxuan just got off the bus,I saw the car who was stopped next to Blue Qiqi.,His eyes flashed flash,Face,Do Kiki is here??
He looked up at the door of a restaurant.,Just see Blue Qiqi and a man in。
He is slightly eyebrow,Get off the bus and follow,Assistant,He is still there to drive the door.,How did the president?,He hurriedly locked the door to keep up. 。Although Yu Jie is a president’s assistant for a year,But I still can’t touch the temper of president.,In business, he will always move,Leave a little longer than the enemy,Everyone thinks that people like him will not walk long.,Because of a glorious person
Once you have lost everything,The enemy will definitely flock like a crazy horse.,Finally, I don’t have the bones.。
But because he has such a means,It’s more in the entertainment circle in the entertainment circle.。
Han Yuxuan has been settled,Today, today and the partner meet the contract。
Yu Jie followed,I saw Han Yuxuan searching around.。
“President,Our location is on the second floor。”He smiled and reminded。
Han Yuxuan is settled,Jun also looks at the four weeks,But I didn’t see the beauty of Blue Qiqi.,Looked at a time,And the partner is about a good time.,He has turned around to go to the second floor.。
Yan Jie has a little doubt,Has the president just saw anyone??
The atmosphere of the restaurant is very good,The stairs on the second floor are wide,Place green laminate and green light on both sides,Especially comfortable。
The light of the second floor is particularly good.,There are not many restaurants.,The sound of the sound is melodious,Make people feel comfortable。
Han Yuxuan’s long figure I heard a familiar voice in the second floor.。
In the position of the window。
“Flying,You have been raised by you in the cherry.,You have given them a flower bed.?”“Of course,These cherry trees have been for decades.,Re-grafting once every two or three years,It’s like a few big umbrellas now.,Others gave me tens of thousands of dollars,I still don’t sell it.,Not only can be a landscape tree,Can also eat red
Big cherry,These three cherry maturity are late,These two days are just right to mature,When did you have http://www.changzhibao.cn time??”
Han Yuxuan saw two people chatting at not far away,It turns out that Kiki is with Chu Feyang to have dinner.。