Weight gain plan: a wolf who can’t bear the children’s set


Weight gain plan: a wolf who can’t bear the children’s set

20 pounds is my goal of this week’s weight gain program!

At present, I have only gained 18 pounds!

Some people once said: You are born to be this physique, eat more and eat more fat!

I have had such an idea before.

My cousin is aerobics. I haven’t seen each other for several years. When she came back from the summer vacation, she saw my first sentence: Brother, you are still like a telephone pole!

(I am 183.

Only 55 kg).

Oh, it’s too shameful, I’m most jealous of others saying that I’m thin!

In fact, the length of the cockroach is not serious, and it is always said that the girl has no sense of security.

銆€銆€I can’t help but say that I can’t eat fat at all!

The cousin said to me, brother, you can’t eat fat, just because you eat too little!

I said that I have two bowls of no meals and no less!


She said that you are not scientific, not eating too much can gain weight, you eat a pound of rice and a pound of vegetables, the gap is big!

銆€銆€I quickly learned from my cousin!

After a little bit of dialing and a natural understanding (鍢垮樋), we have developed a weighting plan!

銆€銆€First look at the average daily average demand for adult men and women: age male (calorie) female (calorie) 18-492400-32002100-270050-592300-31001900-220060-691900-22001800-200070-791900-21001700-190085 + 19001700 you one dayIt takes only 2400 to 3200 to maintain your weight, and a pound of weight requires another 3,500 conversion. What a huge number!

銆€銆€Let’s take out my weight-increasing plan in detail: Morning: 100 grams of oatmeal, 400 calories (there are 700 grams of 10 pieces that are very cheap in the supermarket. In fact, this thing is cheaper and cheaper), the description is30 grams at a time.

In order to take more than 200 grams of rushing from the beginning, I came out with a piece of wheat on the toilet!

So 100 grams is still acceptable, don’t eat too!

銆€銆€3 slices of whole wheat bread, 150 calories / 1 piece (the one that is bought in the supermarket) 3 eggs, 75 calories / 1 (I heard that eating too much is not good, a lot of professional bodybuilders eat a few a day, expensive ah) noon: rice 1 bowl 140 grams 263 calories, 鍜?eat noodles 340 / 100 grams (hey, North and South differences may be like this) 400 grams of beef 2000 calories (meat is big, but expensive, we eatMost people who are not fat do not like to eat meat.) At night: I am a northerner, drinking porridge 80g 100 card 棣?100 100 cards at night!

銆€銆€You can drink a cup of milk. In fact, milk is nutritious, but it does not make you gain weight. It is expensive!

銆€銆€The rough selection has attracted about 4000 cards!

These things have made me sick!

銆€銆€If you have enough perseverance, you can increase your weight by eating, meat 400g 2000 card, you can use 20 hoes instead!

That is how hard it is to be a self-helper. If you want to gain weight, you have to spend money!

If you don’t have children, how can you get a wolf!

銆€銆€I really eat more protein powder, potato chips, a lot of KFC junk food!

銆€銆€I can’t guarantee that you can gain 10-20 pounds a month, but if you eat enough, weight gain is only a time course!

In addition, you eat only long fat, not muscle, muscles are to rely on exercise!

But exercise is to consume energy!

銆€銆€The day of Phelps’s absorption during the Olympics was a conversion of 12,000 cards!

(No wonder he is so good) The replacement of protein powder is also very important. Under normal circumstances, you can’t eat a pound of beef a day, one is expensive, the other is too support.

銆€銆€The weight gain plan needs to be accompanied by a certain exercise, the effect will be very obvious, and Amway should not consider it. It is plant protein, which increases the immunity at most, has no nutrition, eats animal protein, and eats bodybuilders.Protein powder is a huge profit. It is bought from the United States and New Zealand in tons. After processing, it is given to animals and it is also eaten!

Generally do not go to the gym to buy, they become a few times pit, you buy cheap online, but there is a disadvantage is a large number of fake!

It is recommended to go to some professional players to open the store to buy!

銆€銆€I have eaten this loss, but also explored a few experiences. If you think about practicality, you can buy bulk. You need to consult an expert. In fact, the effect is the same. They are selling it!

Just eating too much will fart, hehe!No girlfriend can consider!

銆€銆€Adding weight-increasing plans, smoking and drinking alcohol should be quit as much as possible. Quitting smoking will consume calories, but it can be neglected. It is important to increase your appetite. When you are addicted to emptiness, you will unconsciously want to eat and place.The feeling of emptiness!

銆€銆€Comrades cheer, as long as you work hard, you can succeed!