She told him that day,She was born in a poor family in Saibei,After being admitted to the Beijing Institute of Architecture with excellent results two years ago,Started working,She seizes every minute of class,Digest knowledge,And then do tutoring in spare time,Go to the restaurant to sell red wine,I have delivered takeaways in foreign fast food,Do two jobs part-time during the holidays。

I dozed off at work that day I was so sleepy,The foot bath center had surprisingly many guests the night before,She and other staff didn’t get off work until after two o’clock。Due to Beijing’s school holidays the dormitories are closed,It was almost four o’clock when she returned to the rental house,It’s strange if you weren’t sleepy the next day,Naturally Guanyao’s job was forgotten.。
That day,Guan Yao didn’t sleep well for a girl for the first time。
She uses her professional knowledge freely、Demonstrated talent for interior design,Especially the quality of self-reliance,All moved him deeply。Girls today,Is there anyone who is still as incapable as her,I found a man or something to lean on,Saved the hard work,This kind of thing is not strange to him。
He intended to let her return to the company to work,But I didn’t tell her because I couldn’t turn back,But since then,This foot bath center became a place he frequented,And must order this girl every time。
But one night Guanyao didn’t order this girl,I haven’t seen her for a few days,After he gave another waiter two tips,Just to figure out the reason for her disappearance from this person。
According to the waiter,An old customer had already tried her,Move her feet in the foot bath,I would kiss her forcibly that day,Was slapped in the face by her,So I was fired by the boss。
Finished,The waitress said:“I’ve never seen a silly girl like her,It’s not easy to get out,It’s her blessing to be regarded by the big boss,It’s not holy in this place。”
I don’t know if it was because of the unhappiness in his heart or because he saw the expression of disdain on the face of the waitress,Guan Yao put his foot hard,Just kick this man to the ground,Bare feet,Stand up and go,I gave the waitress three or four banknotes,Count as my own compensation for that kick。
afterwards,He found the owner of this foot bath center,Inquire about her whereabouts,The boss doesn’t know anything about her,He realized now,He didn’t even know what the female intern was called。
Back to the company,The Human Resources Department transferred her internship materials,I knew she was an undergraduate student of decoration design engineering of Beijing Institute of Architecture,But it’s summer vacation,He can’t find her,Her phone number is not on the profile,The manager of the personnel department said that the student was asked to stay on the phone,She said no,But she will often call to inquire。
Guan Yao has no shortage of women,But his relationship with a woman is money,Not even a long time girlfriend,But those few days,Guan Yao is like losing his soul,Still an intern for a woman、Pedicure girl,This is the first time in his life。
Xia Jihan saw that these brothers couldn’t cut all the leeks,Knew they were talking,She came out,Squatting beside Guan Hao,Ten white thin、The delicate fingers quickly comb through each leek。
Guan Hao lifted a lock of hair from her forehead with clean little fingers,Behind the ear,Gentle movement,Intimacy,Guan Yao sees it,He understands any temptation now that he can’t make his brother change his mind。
Xia Jihan’s ten fingers pinched the leek and stood up,Tell them:“Don’t always squat,Beware of cold。”
“Ha ha,Xiaoxia,I dare to pack a ticket,It’s definitely not me that you feel distressed。”Guan Yao said。
Xia Jihan didn’t expect Guan Yao to speak so directly,Her face turned red,Didn’t dare to see Guan Hao,Just say:“What’s wrong,You have no stomach problems。”After speaking, he turned his head and ran back to the house。
Guan Yao laughed。