Yang Shiyun is embarrassed,Quiet answer。

“Really?How is the effect?Let me see your wounds,Let me see if it really works well。”
Qin Liang lowered his head and whispered in Yang Shiyun’s ear。
“Watch a fart,dream。”
Yang Shiyun said so,But in my mind I still remembered being in the tunnel,Qin Liang sucked the venom from his chest with his mouth,I started to feel that strange in my heart again,Unspeakable feeling。
“cut,Petty,I haven’t seen it before,See again, you can cut a piece of meat?Really。”
Qin Liang also recalled what he had seen,The scenery of Yang Shiyun’s chest,I couldn’t help but swallowed。
“correct,Why do you still have this miraculous ointment?”
Yang Shiyun knows what to say,Qin Liang’s mouth may say something,So immediately changed the topic。
“Ha ha,There are more magical things you don’t know,We often go out to perform tasks,Injuries are also commonplace,If there is another gunshot wound behind,Go out to perform a new mission,Will easily arouse others’ suspicion,So we have to erase all the scars on my body。”
Qin Liang patiently explained to Yang Shiyun。
“Oh,Turned out to be like this,Does make sense,No wonder。”
Yang Shiyun suddenly realized。
“but,Even with this miraculous ointment,You can’t keep doing this。”
Qin Liang put away his smiling face,Pull Yang Shiyun to stop,Then turned and stood in front of her and said。