Zhou Shi seedlings go to the pressing well,Directly pressed out the water washed with a face to take Li Hui。

Li Hui Feng did not expect the other party to go back early.,He also thought that Zhou Miao came to this lotus village how to enjoy the scenery of Lotus Mountain.,After all, the scenery of the lotus mountain can be famous around.,It’s hard to walk,And there is a wild beast in the depths of the mountains.。
Otherwise, this lotus mountain is absolutely a tourist holy place in Li Hui’s eyes.。
Li Hui Feng also took a bottle of fairy spring belt,Follow the Zhou Miaoji towards the county。
All the way,Zhou Miao laughed and asked Li Hui Feng several questions.,However, it is all silent by Li.。
This makes Zhou Miao feels very fun.。
When coming to the base,Zhou Shengjie actually waited for a few experts.。
Li Hui also did not expect several experts to wait here.。
“Hahaha Xiaoli,You can count,Since I know that you can cure this base,I didn’t sleep well in an excitement.。”
Zheng Mingshan is also laughing:“Yes,Let’s go back to study.,This bug is really strong resistance,General insecticides can really kill,However, these bugs are very afraid of acidic drugs.,We also did a lot of experiments last night.。”
“Hey-hey,Professor Zheng,I only know one of them.,I have never studied others.,However, acidic drugs are not good to trees,It is also possible to destroy the trees while you want to insect.。”
Li Hui’s professional knowledge is still,After all, he has been in the best in the university with the first achievement.。
“Be right,Xiao Li, your analysis is correct,If you use acidic drugs,Not only will the insecticides, but also killing trees,So today we have come to see the vibrant fluid you study.,By the way, we also want to take a little going to do research.,I don’t know if Xiao Li is you convenient??”
I heard this requirement of Zheng Mingshan,Li http://www.kidscrafts.cn Hui Feng also finally understand why the other party will wait for him so early.,It’s a purpose。
“Professor Zheng,I am just the amount of the entire base.,If there is a lot of roles,Conservative estimate can save hundreds of small fruits,I can save more than 10,000 or even hundreds of thousands of people.,And I also received Zhou Shu’s money.,I can’t always fall.。”
Li Hui, this euphemistic refusal, let Zheng Mingshan don’t know how to continue.。
Seeing Zheng Mingshan’s appearance,Li Huihe hesitated:“If Professor Zheng is not disappointing,I can give you some dilution.,After all, there is also the ingredients of the vibrant fluid.,I want to delay your research.,How do you see?”
Originally, a few people in Zhengming Mountain felt that Li Putting is so small a bottle of vibrancy to seek to come over, definitely hard.,So they started at the beginning.。
But this http://www.qdtqo.cn condition of Li Hui is proposed.,But let them have a clear feeling of cheerful feelings.。
“Good,As long as you have a little study。”
Since Li Hui has made such a big concession,Zheng Mingshan immediately saw a few people.,Have each other to exchange,I saw some people nodded.,Zheng Mingshan is ready to provide Li Hui Hui with some good conditions.,After all, you can’t take the vibrant fluid of Li with the wind.。
“Xiao Li.,You so generous make us a few old guys really feel I don’t know how to thank you.。”
“Hey-hey,Professor Zheng,We are all studying,Although we study plants but we are not different from the study of military science,And I feel that we are more great,Because we study it is life-saving,The most critical doing research does not consume resource,As long as Professor Zheng is not disappointing,How much do you take this diluted vibrant fluid?,However, the http://www.space-key.cn concentrate is really can’t give you,After all, this is also the end of Master.。”
Li Hui Feng This explanation is even more than a few people in Zhengming Mountain.,The most important thing is that Li Hui said this time is not a little lying.。
“Xiao Li.,No matter what, we have to thank you.,Although I only say that my mouth is thankful, thank you for some blank,But several of our old guys have used their own small power.,We know what you are persuade.,Let us know that you are being embarrassed.,But there is no evidence you should also understand。”
When Zheng Mingshan said this, how can Li with the wind?,At that time, it was the fire pit he jumped into it.,And what to do is given to each other handle。
But it has passed,He also don’t want to remember anymore.。
After all, every time memories,He will feel very angry,That calm mood is also difficult to keep。
“Professor Zheng,I understand,And I didn’t think about it in this matter.,After all, eat a long one,Just when I gave my future life, I have a vivid class.。”
“Neither,Xiao Li,You do not know what I mean,I mean, although I can’t give you peace.,But we still have the ability to let you return back to the campus.,I don’t want to go back to continue to school.?”
Zheng Mingshan’s words let Li speak with the wind.,He has some people who can’t believe in the top of the professor level, can have a way to let him return to the campus.。
“You are telling you?”
Look at Li Hui’s Some excitement,Zheng Mingshan a few people feel that there is a sense of accomplishment。