"Egg pain" is a kind of disease!Time may not hold more than gold!

Current Location: text "boring" is a kind of disease!Time may not hold more than gold!2018-3-1414: 31: 44 Source: Introduction: In recent years, "egg pain" is the word usage is high: Whenever unreasonable, is not satisfactory, even if idle fast enough, can Shaoshang "boring" to describe。 But if a little boy in earnest, pointing the balls […]

Interview with President of the IEEE Digital Perception Program Yuan Yu: 5G boost car networking business model upgrade

Not long ago, "Fast and Furious 8" aggressively, which has a fragment, impressive。 In order to get a significant lockbox, hacker attacks near two thousand cars system, in the streets staged a "driverless" classic scenes。 Precise positioning and stable control for these "zombie car" to accurately attack the target。 Of course this is only a […]

China called on the United States agreed to craft a request made to the WTO to discuss plea

US Trade Representative's office announced 23, against the so-called China's "discriminatory licensing requirements", the US government has requested consultations under the WTO dispute settlement mechanism with China。  US Trade Representative's office said in a statement, according to the instructions of the President Trump, the US Trade Representative Wright Abashidze day of the official presentation of the […]

Anonymous bond auction business rules promulgated!Bond defaults increasing the beneficial activity

June 20, the 21st century Business Herald reporter was informed that China Foreign Exchange Trade Center, the National Interbank Funding Center has recently issued the "Notice on anonymous auction business debt" (Zhong Hui Jiao Fa [2018] No. 192 text), and with the relevant rules。Participating organizations should sign the "anonymous bond auction business investor risk Commitment […]

90-year-old eldest son Victor Li Ka-shing today officially retired shift one hundred billion dollars trading empire

According to Radio Television Hong Kong news, the long and the Department Chairman Li Ka-shing and after a long day and Cheung Kong shareholders' meeting, will be officially retired, transferred to the Group Senior Consultant。90-year-old "Superman" Li Ka-shing after retirement, he reached the scale of billions of dollars business empire to pass the torch eldest […]

"I drew a circle," How much potential male security?Look at Shenzhen and Pudong

80 years, Shenzhen has become the country's reform and opening sample; 90 years, Pudong has become the forefront of the rapid economic development。The two were "painted circle," the region has become a business card China's economic development。Today, the "ready to go", a new area after Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Shanghai Pudong New Area, another national […]

Corn common hazards of these cases can not be ignored

What are the dangers of common corn this is certainly no stranger to everyone, and it often appears in the soles of the feet, many people may think this does nothing, but in fact is a lot of harm corns。 Xiao Bian below to tell us something about the common corns What are the dangers, […]

Korea Chungnam former Governor Ahn Hee-jung again by appearing in court on sexual assault case hearing

  BEIJING, March 19, according to Yonhap news agency, local time on the 19th at 10 am, South Korea South Chungcheong Province Governor (provincial borough) before involving sexual assault Ahn Hee-jung arrived at the western Seoul, Seoul Mapo District Prosecutors accepted the prosecution investigation。 Ahn Hee-jung again deny the fact that sexual assault, which is to […]