Bringing back memories of autumn

I deep-seated to pregnant autumn, in my mind conceived that pulling the audience’s soul fragrance children, seem to have the scent of old age, also we have a young melancholy, troubled in me feelings of the uterus suck the essence of my life, such as landing peanuts, gave birth to a feeling of sadness at […]

Brilliant skies

Everyone’s heart, in fact, has a pure world, the sun has quietly been warm himself.They live person, the most important thing is the mind calm and quiet, so why make life difficult for themselves.Heart an inch wide, width of ten feet, if not generous heart like the sea, how calm life?Life, there are too many […]

Brilliant is sad

3 years, it can be a long or a short time.    Life is so, the day every day that passes, every little bit of time goes by, but my mind was the memory of a clear stubborn.A lot of things, as if it were yesterday, a lot of people, if only just left, they have not […]

Brilliant fireworks night

Darling Harbor, Sydney, is a really great venues with fireworks.That circular quay encircling the entire harbor, Shidao many locations, you can pitch a dazzling fireworks.Over the years, I’ve tried a variety of different ways, under different circumstances, at Darling Harbor to watch fireworks, really have their own interest, their own feelings.    Once in Darling Harbor hotel’s […]

Brightness of articles on

Part one: Clear, Brightness, flute night, months, sleeping in the stillness.Flute, drift into a dream.If vaguely, who also fell in dreams, in the depths of the vast wandering, looking for like, questioning, meditation, long time do not have to leave.  A dream, a splendid picture, Wan Lijuan show, beautiful.Eyes, the stone table, tea; there are pavilions, […]

Accompany the longest love confession

If someone asks what is the purest?That must be the child’s mind.You have to ask how I know?Because I was attracted to the child’s eyes.Today’s children, as always, enthusiastic, and every recess is simply my “nightmare”, and my little children playing the “tree climbing” game, one by one jumped and hugged me, and it is […]

Accompany Rangers

This is as fresh as a daisy as wild and romantic love story, however, when I saw the true face of man, he was shocked to hear how people admire this woman, this is not only romantic love.A speaker, a microphone, a man drunkenly singing on a small square of the city, she squeezed in […]

Accompany me Tibetan plateau

Accompany me Tibetan plateau where less dangerous 5000 meters above sea level near the blue sky far away but can not hear some more bad news for any of us with open arms that only you endless green and you thank you to accompany me to go all the way in Although the sun is […]

Accompany female travel experience in Hong Kong

Yesterday, loaded with small Xin and passes to get their hands Alian.Small Xin is my daughter, and then guess in her mind, not knowing what Hong Kong is what he looks like, but something new place to play, never left Shenzhen for her, that go to Hong Kong tomorrow to play, joy and dancing He […]

Accompany ants play for a while

Ants little head I simply did not know Fengyun big head inside things.I am happy that somebody put a small building on the suffering of ants.Someone once told me, The Ant Bully.In fact, I am also a small ant.- Inscription (a) before the Spring Festival that year, I learned from that town to town, now […]