Accompanied by four classic story of a lifetime

Accompanied by four classic story of a lifetime, misunderstanding early years in Alaska where there is a young couple got married fertility, because his wife died in childbirth, leaving the next child.His life is busy, and busy with housekeeping, because there is no one to help the kids, to train a dog, clever dog obedient, […]

Accompanied by color through time

First, I often think, some met, is doomed, such as you and me.The vast network of sea, we have chosen to meet, and then accompanied through a time of Cheng Cheng.Hurry time, between the magnificent turn, took Zither Love, it seems that what is left, it seems nothing has left.We are always on the way […]

Accompanied by clear film

Qin law struck slender fingers as silk, such as branches is provoking a chord with the sounds of Seduction elegant graceful dance-like bloom of red refined and glamorous fascinated by the world of crystal eyes dressed in clothes noble, elegant and it is my fairy moon lovingly fallen in love with and then let the […]

Accompanied by a friend

People helpless, most likely to think of friends.A friend is one who can help you when you helpless.  A friend is always with you together, and always keeping pace with you, who can give you help, naturally popular person, you are naturally happy people with him.Such people, he became friends.  Friends such as books.As the tide in […]

Acclimatized love

She followed behind him, like a cute little cat, say goodbye to the elegant, pleasant air Yangtze River Delta, for love, went to the northern city of ice.She once thought about: whether their love will acclimatized?North South Orange Health was orange, trifoliate orange students, and whether the South Fengyun own petite little kumquat had to […]


An accidental inadvertently little things, if disposed of improperly will lead to unexpected blunder!    The whole story is this: For some time, returning to the stadium suddenly the Heat up exercise, number of people involved can be described as rare; a quiet heart seems boiling up, had to “fade basketball,” said one essay told the others […]

Accidentally Love

(A) when the wind to see the cloud that moment, I made a decision a few years after impact to that.In the eyes of the wind, clouds elegant light, has a noble spirit of the earth does not belong.But what the wind does not want to take practical action to pursue her because the wind […]

Accidentally fall in love with you

Three years ago in the summer, Zhou gem out of the door from the house to the river, Jiang Feng behind her, generously said: as long as you like, you can take.Zhou gem stopped feet, slowly turn back, looking at the front of this man, could not help laughing, said: I just want to take […]

Access Tours

July 14 is the date today is the fourth day of the countryside.Today we experienced a different journey, we research group and several classmates newsgroups and advocacy group together to go mountain Platistoma environmental aspects of the research-finding mission. We set off early in the morning early, we started full of energy, we will be […]


Tonight monthly child round, whether the solution sleepless thoughts, I alone according to the window and watch crush obsession since put you in my world, it is implanted in the hearts of acacia garden, I come with the truth irrigation, only to pick a fragrant heart.    Red long, Acacia most rogue, I would like to linger […]