Bloody trapped in words

At first, it felt very special and interesting to see this topic. Even think of philosophy is very strong, but with constant thinking is more and more embarrassing. Later, it became a kind of fear completely, and it was difficult to disperse for a long time. Perhaps it was a coincidence! A gentleman suddenly said […]


The old house was deserted for a long time. Spiders like this kind of house best and excitedly pull the web from door to door and from tree to tree.. Wild flowers and weeds have also moved from nowhere, taking root in walkways and corners in disorder. Where there is soil, there must be a […]

Association in Bookstore

[ Original Text ]I felt the history that started from ancient times and continued to expand in the long time and space.. Those people and things have disappeared in the past, but those smiles and tears, worries and thoughts, anger and fear, survival and death, victory and failure.       I haven’t walked into the bookstore for […]


Fifteen years ago, I didn’t know what life was. Life was just a house, yard, and all kinds of simple furniture made of mud and made of clay. At that time, we only saw these simple, rough and simple necessities of life, because they were not only in our life, but also in our dreams. […]

A woman is a gentle cloud

The four seasons of the snowy night show all the charm and elegance of women, not only marking the woman’s face with the marks of years, but also precipitating the unique connotation in her heart. Although a gentle woman like a cloud is the enjoyment of visual beauty, it is also the experience of sensory […]

A narrow world

Is the time, is also the time, after the Mid – Autumn Festival dark but weathered. Perhaps, I have never seriously looked at the world where I live, a reunion without moonlight, the world has already had too much chill. A rain, with a very serious attitude, hopes to get wet with the passing memories, […]

A cleaner’s wish

Master Huang is a cleaner of Jinqiao Street in guan ting zhen. He is the youngest of the five cleaners. At ordinary times, he not only participates in street cleaning, but also takes charge of garbage transportation. During the Spring Festival, people are still immersed in the thick festival of the Spring Festival, but the […]

The sun in July

The sun in July was in a hurry, and the day passed like this. Today, I am not happy because the date of returning home is near. Instead, I feel frustrated because the time of separation from the children is near.. In the afternoon, I had a PE lesson with the first-grade children. I found […]

Drink alone

[ Editor’s Note ]A pot of wine in the home can be freely poured with one’s own discretion. A dish of peanuts, plus eggs and cakes. Look at the news with your eyes, put your hands on your glasses, drink with ease and enjoy tranquillity. Drinking alone, drinking turbid wine, tasting the taste of life, […]

Grandma, Bridge

Everyone has a grandmother. Me too, but my grandmother is gone. She is sleeping under the old locust tree halfway up the back of the house..     The happiest thing in childhood was going to grandma’s house. Grandma is not far from my house. She climbed over a beam and ran a stream to arrive. Although […]