Acacia, fascinated by love (poems)

Miss (a) I’m passionate net thrown into the lake of your youth is your pure smile crashed through my mind from thoughts of cable covered day and night in fill up most red apples (b) you select one of the hottest and most red apple peel whittled long chain lock your delicate hands brought a […]


The first time I saw you was in my house in a field of melons.  You just washed head, thick black hair flowing in the back of the head!  You young, beautiful, beautiful, I really appreciate your.  Soon, you suddenly disappeared in my line of sight!    Second time to see you in the car to go Pengcheng, I was […]


(A) alone on the pavilion trickle water stream, a touch of the setting sun off the solitude.    Drum Shaohua night approaching, a month hooking trees.    Cinnabar red armbands leaning screen window, moonlight night long shadow window.    Solitary blue shadow with Acacia, Candle tears v. Zhongchang.    For the first full moon slightest emotion, tears Lian Lian bow Luoshuang.    Exuberant fine hand […]


A box is made of bamboo, some cut down bamboo, polished, carved, exquisitely carved putting too cute, top glazing an event, this is your collection of.After work, or eating dinner, or to go to bed, put this box on your hands, you hold your breath, staring intently, a high degree of myopia, so you have […]

Acacia with your travel companion

Acacia travel with you with the airport waving, traveled all net interest waved goodbye, previously isolated only in the past, my touch of nostalgia and Acacia Zhuo Zhuo growth expectations in the net, not after you become all is loneliness of empty promises, empty promises is waiting in the wet, it would be romantic dream […]

Acacia will be good!

I had been to the world that you still remember your good.- Inscription rain, gave birth to a spring, spring flowers Tim, Tim Spring Flowers.Leaning out of windows overlooking the flowers and leaves, spring into the mess divided people, the heart with the spring to the horizon.Spring still, lanes still, looking at the empty next […]

Alyssa: marrying the love of a woman only more beautiful

Alyssa: marrying the love of a woman will become increasingly rare beauty news saw Alyssa’s trending on Weibo.    Online today exposed a group Alyssa and repair Jie Kai family portrait photo, the photo of her husband and two children holding sweet dependency, the people look from head to toe is filled with happiness, I did not […]

After the New Year, and few such people together, no matter who you are.

Before reading this article, you first click on the blue font “zero idea” and then click on the “concern”, so that you can continue to receive a free article.Every day Share.Totally free subscription, please rest assured concern.Less and makes you angry people together, because that will not bring you happiness; and eye-less and more people […]

Accompany you a second entrance

Accompany with you the second time the college entrance examination in June 2016, the second entrance, the first year of college entrance examination nervously sweating palms mad, the second year was no exception…      But the second-year students around one more week, after finished, there will be classes as usual farewell dinner meal, sucker week […]

A bloom to life

Flowers along the way to a life of trials and hardships, understand, the impermanence of life, to understand, gains and losses revel.Lianwai rain gurgling, just after the beginning of autumn, I do not know why, this summer seems to end early, and ran like it gallops off, leaving him only a little bit of warmth.I […]