Comments on "SLAM" history Baida star: James Wong second fifth Bryant

  Beijing time on March 4, the United States "SLAM" magazine out of a hundred greatest players in NBA history – Michael Jordan undisputed number one, LeBron – James ranked second, followed by Bryant – Bryant special ranked fifth。    The following is the full list of this list: 1 to 10: – Michael Jordan, LeBron […]

Something about data: dengue is averaging 34.6 points pioneers nemesis

Beijing on March 21, today 2017–18 season, regular season to continue, a total of seven games Here are some interesting data that appear in a few games。 Today, Carl – Anthony – Downs, Andrew – Wiggins, Jeff – Teague and Jamal – Jamal Crawford scored 20 +, respectively, of the Timberwolves beat the Clippers。 In […]

Australian media: We live in forgo dependence on the US, "Chinese world"

According to Australia, "Sydney Morning Herald" March 16 article in April 1973, I traveled to Beijing, carries a copy of the letter has now become a historic document; this is the letter 8 when he was prime minister Gough Tel Hui Farm to me, and I was ambassador。 It talked about the idea of developing […]

CICC: trade war affects only the short-term stock market sentiment the most affected industry trade list

  With newspaper Phoenix International iMarkets FRANCISCO March 23, according to Bloomberg, CICC, said intensified Sino-US trade friction will affect investor to determine the level of net exports from growth, especially in the recent divergence of growth point, expected short-term market risk appetite。 But given China's domestic demand toughness and more ample room for buffering policy, […]

US oil closed up 0.6% higher third consecutive day

Tencent securities FRANCISCO February 27 morning news, according to market watchers US financial website reported that crude oil futures prices closed higher Monday, extending last week's trend last week because of Libya's oil fields a moratorium on the production, and the US crude oil inventories unexpectedly declined。 New York Mercantile Exchange, April delivery of West […]

Diversification of bilateral economic and trade relations: no longer a single import and export of mineral resources

Newspaper reporters in Canberra electric Weng Donghui reports: China Australia Chamber of Commerce recently published annual trade report that, while mineral and energy commodities trade growth between China and Australia began to weaken, but in agriculture, financial services, machinery manufacturing, tourism, education, etc. It has ushered in a new field of cooperation climax, increasing jobs […]

Honey citron tea honey citron tea practice, how do honey citron tea

Honey citron tea brewing grapefruit immersed in hot water of about 65 deg.] C for 5 minutes, this could make the skin pores fully open, easy cleaning, peeling and pickled。 Grapefruit cut, remove the flesh stand; grapefruit skin salt repeated scrubbing, rinse with water and then。Taken with grapefruit sliced yellow sheath, as thin as possible, […]

Deutsche Bank: mid-2015 stocks of 15 major investment theme

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife network Finance YORK, Dec. 16 news, although US stocks bull market has lasted nearly six years, but do not think Wall Street bull market is ending。US stocks rise but the pace is likely to be slow, […]