Chen Zhihong: the direction, the first to do just fine

At an early age, I always think a lot of things, this is the character of reason.In making money, I would smoke a lot of ideas every day, every so often to do.Just earn much.I later found, in fact, I did not do the front. Friends said that each industry to do the first three, […]

Camellia flowers

Early to know camellias, is in young middle school, Mr. Yang Shuo’s essay “Camellia Fu” fascinated me.Before that, I have not seen Camellia can be exquisite prose description made me produce a flawless yearning and worship of camellias, Mr. Yang Shuo’s “Camellia Fu” What I know: camellias in full bloom represent a spirit, it is […]

Bonsai tell

Bonsai tell my son Glen is an unfortunate seed.    After detachment from the parent, I can not fall on a thin thin roadside crevice.    That is kind of how a crevice way: narrow, shallow, short, empty, that point the soil barely a handful!I came to no longer fly, and had to take root in the crevices sprouted.    The […]

Beloved camellias

Green hills gently into my dream, tottering footsteps wandering in the road in the mountains, Zhang Kaichun bird wings, the sound of crowing, Shenghuan sound, call sound, awakened the sun’s lazy waist, wake up mountain poetry, deep green.The clear mountain air guard all night just play a doze, who has not come and the night […]


My family around the house, courtyard terrace are planted with bamboo, or even a desk a few cases also placed on bamboo.Ah!A stupid laugh of “lip service.”.  As for why such a “good bamboo,” I did not take my mind to seriously thought about likely the main reason is because bamboo great support it, keep it […]

Autumn Rhapsody – Exploring the Moon ditty

Have you seen it?The grape arbor covered with red and gold on the ground that the end of the autumn garden, also covered with the same bunch of grapes.A string of ripe grapes in the sunlight becomes extraordinarily beautiful.  - We go forward green desert landscaping that Chang E homeland, let us also to change the […]

Acquisition happy

Wind wake up in the spring, all things again with a new attitude show in front of the Four Seasons in turnover.    Happy heart jump for joy every day, always obstinately expect every year in the spring has a different landscape flashing jump in front, always with a little joy look forward to exciting chapter in […]

At the foot of the road, just in front of the future

Gently, gently, in 2015 she was gone, she really gotta go.Sometimes, really wanted her to go slowly, but she was going to leave us 2015.Well, in that case, it would be better to let us fly 2015, Outlook 2016, flying past, look to the future now.Perhaps not for anything else, because at the foot of […]

Another friend

REVIEW: Take a little time to look at the sky and count the stars, what makes a hand to touch vegetation, or hard to listen to the birds singing outside the window, and if hiking holidays dear to the outskirts of the mountain trees, smell smell the aroma of flowers, roadside weeds so that little […]


Recently, after listening to a well-known professor for secondary school students to do a report Normal University, I feel there is very poetic, but always feel a sweet heart.    For two hours, a professor did not empty talk, but have been using “Although.but.because.”Please children and their own common sentence, he asked students to will and must […]