Eat fish

There are many kinds of fish: what freshwater fish, sea fish; What kind of deep-sea fish and shallow-sea fish do the sea fish separate from? Ah, with the development of modern medicine, people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of diet to health! For the choice of meat food, the doctor will […]

Brother, how are you?

Brother, how are you? My blood is thicker than water’s brother, my relatives, long time no see, are you all right?     You are the most educated of our sisters, your graduate medical university graduate student, and your job is also the best formal, ophthalmologist in the regional central hospital. However, you are now alone, renting […]

An ordinary mother

There was a mother whose name was Chi Man Di, and she was an ordinary village woman with the same name as her own, full of local flavor and peach and plum fragrance.. Accurately speaking, she is my mother – in – law, the mother of my lover, the mother of simple and peaceful life, […]

A letter addressed to his father

Father: As the saying goes, I miss my parents twice every holiday season. Indeed, I miss you even more at this time when the spring returns to the dragon and the snow dance opens and the Spring Festival is about to come..     The term’ father’ is familiar and unfamiliar to me. The so-called familiarity is […]

Landscape along the way

The scenery along the way falls on the 18th of the sixth month of the lunar calendar, the sixty-sixth birthday of the mother. On the weekend, brother and sister made an appointment to return to their hometown to celebrate the old man’s birthday..     On Saturday morning, the car arrived in Zichuan and Fang Zhihong ‘e […]

Don’t forget to smile

Look at other people’s calm and calm face, oneself also feel safe and calm; Looking at other people’s smiling faces, they feel that they are really happy living in love and happiness. Even if there are hardships, even if there are seven disasters and eight difficulties, they can be completely diluted by love and happiness. […]

Besides, sinking ships

News of the Titanic’s participation in the ” 3D” layout has been hotly debated. However, the movie ” cinema line” has not yet extended to my isolated town, and there seems to be no related public shared resources on the Internet. Besides, my family also does not have special equipment to watch the Three Dimension […]


[ Guide ]: Adaptation is a test of human nature and also a test of human intelligence.. A person with ability and character must be a person with strong adaptability. Only by adapting to all kinds of situations in life and work can we be comfortable in the face of numerous tests in life and […]

‘ One’ and Life

‘ A”, a very simple stroke, even illiterate people can flick it between their fingers.. In the dictionary,’ one’ is a numeral, which means very little and very simple. Only when it is used together with quantifiers can it form a complete meaning. ‘ One”, it seems, is insignificant and ubiquitous in life, even insignificant […]