In my next life, I will still be a woman!

The meal was served, and the dinner table was buzzing with laughter. The father gave his daughter a sweet and sour spareribs. The woman said, ” It’s really eccentric.”! Why didn’t I?! Mom, you can’t eat meat, otherwise you will grow fat! ‘ the little girl femininity laughed..   ‘ yes! If you’re fat, you’re not […]

I think I know you better

I understand that you are actually very kind and don’t want to be stuck with anyone, and you are more willing to live in peace with everyone. In fact, you are more willing to attract attention, more willing to show your charm, and also attracted by the beauty of others..   I know that you are […]

How can life go with the tide

As time went by, Ran Ran, apart from being innocent and happy because he was young in the age of ignorance, gradually lost some of the fun of life because he knew that he grew up, learned to observe the color of words, learn to be arty, learn to act according to the occasion, and […]

Happiness is a state of mind

In a student’s reading and writing regulations book, I saw such a fairy tale: Fox went to Forest Driving School to learn to drive. He thought too well. I’m going to learn a skill..     Learning to drive is very hard. It’s not bright. The little monkey will be on his way to the driving school. […]


Over the years, I have lived in a rather secluded family yard and lived a relatively comfortable life.. Although the salary is not high, wearing cheap clothes all the year round, eating coarse tea and light rice and drinking coarse tea every day, the happiness index of life is not low. Especially when I think […]