Accompany you a second entrance

Accompany with you the second time the college entrance examination in June 2016, the second entrance, the first year of college entrance examination nervously sweating palms mad, the second year was no exception…      But the second-year students around one more week, after finished, there will be classes as usual farewell dinner meal, sucker week […]

A bloom to life

Flowers along the way to a life of trials and hardships, understand, the impermanence of life, to understand, gains and losses revel.Lianwai rain gurgling, just after the beginning of autumn, I do not know why, this summer seems to end early, and ran like it gallops off, leaving him only a little bit of warmth.I […]

10 fish approach, start to eat at home Gengshuang!

10 fish approach, start to eat at home Gengshuang!      The sky is getting cold, grilled fish at home, learn to do it.Not only delicious very well with rice, home-cooked food we put together 10 fish approach, based on personal preferences Come learn to start.    1 spicy grilled fish jaw needle 4, 2 potatoes, […]