Buddha does not say

Often I wonder, a bustling soul of how long it takes to barren?Cup of coffee waiting for the heat to cold, lonely or a ship from shore to shore, but also stroll or a person from birth to death.Picking up from a vein yellow leaves, leaf surface is clearly visible.Once, it was also young, also […]

Buddha article

Part One: Buddha “Buddha” in today’s atheistic society, there are still a lot of people are doing.And where Buddha efficacious, is become the people most care about.It is said that the Buddha come true here, there will be a lot of people to patronize; some say there’s Buddha efficacious, there will be another group of […]

Bubble Life

Standing on the balcony, looking at the rain, nothing, suddenly remembered to blow bubbles.Just bought a bottle, inundated with rain outside the window to blow away!    Wanted to rain down, a touch of foam on the break, did not want this plucky little guys actually still exudes a seven-color light gone with the wind, cloudy day, […]

Bubble duck

Salted duck eggs on the market, my mother did not look good then soak delicious.  Option slightly suffused with light cyan gray duck, uniform heads of dozens of pieces, placed in a small urn, saline rather monotonous, put enough salt, pepper and aniseed star anise can be.  So you put into it, usually remember to fight the […]


Afternoon husband pick up the kids from school, cooking, etc. I came back three of their son, at this time, to hear the sound outside the car, the business again.Treasurer who can really think of a cis, seems to be programmed procedures, noon husband pick up the kids from school also had left it to […]


I think, for my growth has been helpful, I can not forget brother.Especially in my childhood, my brother is the guardian inseparable.Although it has some guardian of their parents, but more of that unforgettable brotherhood.Childhood is difficult pinnacle of our family, the family of eleven people struggling to live only by the two parents.So parents […]

Brother, I love you

Twenty – fifth after coming back from Japan, the liquidation group on the reception telephone mill, paper mill has closed down more than a decade, till now only go through relevant procedures, hurriedly rush to Macheng, the train away far to see Mui laughed at me, sister is an honest man at the exit, and […]

Brook Review

[REVIEW]: patio is a skylight old house, old house surrounded by the tightly rammed earth walls, a door shut could see only smoke out of the house.The skylight is the only territory to take the old house Light.Every day is a day to float from the well every night by moonlight dream is to enter […]

Brood in mind

The family has never had any pets raise, living on top of the building, but the leaf yet, no court no hospital, really convenient.    One day, his daughter came home from school to see the door of the nursery sell chicks, chicks were crowded in the tray embracing phase, glistening yellow, fluffy, called Cha-cha, truly lovely.Amazed […]

Bronze went into the “museum”

Through the bustling streets of a city, we went straight to the antique market in bronze away.    Between one of hundreds or even thousands of square meters of store, hanging on the wall, rows of shelves, brackets support of ground columns, dazzling, everything, to tableware Ding, Gui, Yu, Jue wine, Gok, respect , pots, water tray, […]