Wei Shen Zhen mind with the North Star initiative suddenly startled, as if there are numerous fireworks bloom at the same time in her mind, numerous streamer across her consciousness, shattered her mind, so she did I think, not what to think but also.

An Wei Zhen subconscious head down, watching Shen North Star will last drop of blood bead rolled into the mouth, then gently let go of her gentle eyes watery, with some gravelly voice, “hurts?” Shen also flutter flutter North Star guard in the palm of your fingers, An Wei Zhen heard immediately shook his head […]

send you home.”

  There are a good few more luxury cars roaring past from her eyes.   Many of them pressed the window “kindly” invited her successful ride, Zhangzi Xian always smiling with themselves and others an excuse declined.   Rain wet clothes, heavy cold affixed to her body.   She pulled out a lighter and cigarettes from his pocket, her […]

Water character.

  XIA away all these years have seen several chat said Ren Hai Xun, not particularly nasty Commerce also did not particularly like the subject of any sea Xun, Xiao original flies very hard the past few years, learn to dislike professional, not like doing business, always wearing masks to engage in intrigues fight deal, go […]

OGO show his wealth and taste, the business elite will go to high-end custom-made suit and tie, everything seems logical, in fact, are the result of deliberate.

“Savvy.”The old man looked at the table, smiled and said:” We left ten minutes.” This ten minutes, enough to completely change his perception. Chapter 93   The evening also trying to mobilize all his attention, even the elderly are afraid to miss the sound of ventilation.   He had a vague feeling that they are trapped on […]

, But we parents are assured that an outsider can say what he?

  He was more angry is that she totally thought things told him, if such a thing happen again in the future how to do?   ”Do not worry, I let my parents a few days into the password to lock the door, and out of this thing, the district where tighter security than previously, A city […]

Thankfully, the number of guests come here because no seat to eat, you do not come I’m so grateful.”Chen also finished diving loudly on the road outside Wang Yong:” Yongge, this table who do not come later, and today 1.0 can not wipe.”

  A group of people hate teeth itch, but due to Chen behind diving and so a group of big boys and not rash.   ”Today I put the words put down, eat well, get out after dinner a little thing did not dare to make trouble, not even think about a walk.”Chen just finished diving loosen […]

Actually propose mostly destroyed.

  Mu child star and she no longer nonsense, succinctly: “do not take off clothes off?”   Cheng dual deliberately misunderstood what she meant: “take off.Wait a minute how you want to take off on how off.”   ”.”Mu angry child star pulling on her collar:” Anyhow, I design for so long, you do not want to know […]

You can lock.

  He casually put the remote back and throw, I asked a handful of forest raw leg, so he disk in his waist, said the sound in his ear: “We are not going room.”Then came the desk in the forest health on the table.   Table piled a lot of files, the file ceremony Yao Ji rushed […]

Kam was very helpless, “gas you have in mind there is no need at this time it spread out?You do not want to group into the role we want.”

  ”You are to stand united front, I do not really think the company has invested money took two roles, it certainly is your foregone conclusion, and if there are any changes in his crew over there, and today you are the performances to the blind read!!”Wonderful pique sit back, ‘serious enemy did not know who […]

On the line!Taito company since the issue of “Space Invaders”, I have not a very good work.Although it is still considered to be the big game companies, but in fact has some lack of confidence.”

  Li Xuan and knocked on the beat with your fingers, continue their analysis.”We can appropriate for handfuls Taito company, and it has entered into a conspiracy of silence to.Namco club last year I bought the copyright of “Pac-Man” game, then the game in the United States and Europe, a big seller.So far sales have exceeded […]