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  ”Seriously do warm-up.”Coach Wang Pei Xiangdong timely notice of a wander, immediately prompted,” xiaonianqing do not understand it is important to warm-up?And so run, hurt you know, come on, do focus.”   ”it is good.”Pei Xiangdong very obedient, the muffled crashed, continued to stretch the body, then behind him came the day he will hear the […]

sell, he will not self-esteem, regardless of other educated youth will be how to treat him, as long as the return to the city, as long as the return to the city, he willing to pay all costs.

  Nguyen’s face flashed rain complicated, “I am only sixteen!”According to past life in this age, she is a junior high school students.   Tang Wenbin would also like to say something, but direct rain Nguyen waved, interrupted Tang Wenbin, “My hands are useful to the workers, university places!”I paused, mildly tone, with s北京夜网omething of tips,” but […]

old school, indeed did not see any panic was absolutely brilliant place.

  Coach Wang this time, in Pei Naochun that ate cold shoulder numerous times, long hold back bad: “I tell you, the child, although it is in the school team, their county high school physical education teacher can, that is, so a normal school, previously practiced no professional sports, when he went to the city inside […]

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  ”Ok.”P苏州夜网ei Naochun laughed, let go, could not help but to this child rubbed his head, and later withdrew his hand, down to eat, he did not see, so he bowed his head, Pei Xiangdong quickly reach out to He touched one on his head.   .   Kind of weather, blue skies, looked up, and can see […]

seems to ski北京风月网p the glory, and fade.

  Too, knot, Pei Naochun suddenly realized – though this child eager to get his father’s approval, but he simply did not believe that his father would recognize him, this is simply an infinite loop, even if Pei Naochun say this in, really color without criticism, in his heart can also become dull appearance plenary session. […]

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  ”alright.”Pei Naochun abnormal defeat, he faced such a put his heart locked up, just out of reach, the perception of the outside world know what all the little snail some flawless,” that you understand the impact this decision to do it for you how much it?”Before making a decision, we will have children and analyze […]

alk to the father.

  ”why?”He eating, trying to make his point slowdown in tone, clear and original body when the patient explain things, always with a smile in his voice can be against his son, but it is serious habitual.   How can so much why you?Pei Xiangdong obviously did not tucked thing, so empty chopsti杭州桑拿cks into the mouth: “Because […]

began propped his 苏州夜网shoes cabinet.

  ”Dad, you come back.”Pei Xiangdong in the past, took the plastic bag, silent to the table, open boxes, no hostess at home ever since, for many years did not open fire, hospital cafeteria food is good, from rice, vegetables to the soup, can be packaged together the only drawback is that not so warming, bu北京会所体验网t […]

hen go to a bath, Pei Xiangdong cut is a standard board-inch thorns on the front page, only one store at the door of the old barber shop scissors, eight dollars Blow the whole package, even washing hair do not北京夜生活网 blow blow, wipe with a towel wrap so, then shook facing the pool, they also have been seven or eight dry, others blowing hair flowing to his right, anyway, this thing does not exist.

  Spread textbooks home, close to that of two newspaper clippings color villain – a splendid reputation at home trapeze, on the Olympic Games in the summer just past, the other out of the race because of injury, limped He went to the edge of the runway look, to many people shake.Another, is the Olympic Games […]