[Clever use of toothpaste to make men last longer]

[Clever use of toothpaste to make men last longer]

How to make you or your other half more brave in “bad” times?

It ‘s not a small blue pill, it ‘s not Hindu oil, it ‘s not toothpaste.

Not only can toothpaste clean the teeth, but it also has the effect of making the penis harder and making the erection longer during sex.

Moreover, its cheap economy is also hidden, which is really the gospel of the majority of brothers.

All of my friends want a safe way to increase hardness and prolong time, so a large number of internal and external drugs are emerging in the market.

Any internal or external medicine has safety issues and concerns about toxic and side effects.

Here is a simple external method: use toothpaste to clean the glans.

As you may know, the main effects of all topical drugs are: 1. paralyzing the nerves; 2. stimulating the nerves.

Stimulation improves penile erections, and paralyzed nerves are delayed ejaculation.

According to this principle, Jianyi uses toothpaste to clean the glans before everyone’s sex.

The main ingredients of toothpaste are talcum powder, flavor and mint, amine leaves and so on. What pushes the glans is the mint or amine leaves inside.

Toothpaste is the safest external product, does not cause side effects, and is also a good cleanser.

After cleaning, whether with or without a sleeve, there is no irritation or impact on women.

Because you kiss a woman with a mouth that has just been brushed, it is estimated that women have never felt that the toothpaste residue will be irritating.