Where the team is going。

to be frank,This chase and escape mission,It’s much harder than the chase and escape missions Yang Shiyun and the others have encountered before,The key is because so far,Can be found and“Skin monkey”The relevant information is too little!This guy actually lives better than Ryoko“secret”!The Public Security Bureau could not find his family,I couldn’t find anyone related to him,Even went to the neighborhood committee downstairs,And after interviewing and investigating with his neighbors downstairs,The police found;This person is almost invisible
Like people!
No one has an impression of him……It’s no exaggeration to say,No one knows that such a person still lives by their side!
“Is this person a professional criminal?”
Meizi highlights her question。
“Do not,His files are clean,He has no previous conviction。”
Liu Yong shook his head and said。
“He used to be a scout,No special forces?”
Qin Liang asked again。
Liu Yong did not speak,Just shook his head again。
“this person,It is really……Is a very strange person!Isn’t he suffering from a mental illness??How can a person live out of sight of others for a long time??”
Yang Shiyun frowned and said。“With my years of experience as a special soldier,Plus my intuition,This skin monkey,Definitely a difficult person to deal with!Judging from the situation in his home,He is definitely a very high IQ,And people with considerable hands-on ability!And seeing him do so many weird things,I