Hungry wolf puts the pose of the water rock punch,Although the state of the night is very exciting,But the hungry wolf to your own strength,Absolute confidence。

“Nice confidence,So don’t blink in the next thing.。”
At the same time,I lost my night’s figure in front of the hungry wolf.,Action that can be seen before,Now I can’t see it again.!
When the hungry wolf reacted,The abdomen has been hit,Strongful pain tells him,The other party has actually launched an attack,Just can’t see it.。
Night a knee,Directly hungry the belly of Wolf,Let his body bow into a shrimp shape,And spit a blood。
I haven’t waited for the hungry counterattack,Night a turntable,I will play the hungry wolf again.。
The flying hungry wolf only feels like a scatter,The body seems to be hit by the train.,Erminerable impact to fly。
Hungry wolf in flying,Excellent martial arts,Adjust your physical perspective in the air,Trying to buffer with feet。
But the legs plows two dozens of meters on the road.,The speed of flying fly,The slow down。
When the hungry wolf will be offset by all impact on himself,But suddenly saw that the yellow light ball came toward her face.!
It is a series of explosions,Qigong wave bombing on the ground,Row huge dust,Night does not choose to stop,But floating in half air,Hands with your hands to thrown into the dust。
Time-like nights,It is obvious that it is obviously,I still say that I will not kill the wolf.,But now the hungry wolf can only be self-satisfied.。
Qigong wave breaks through the dust,Constantly bombardment at the hungry wolf,Experienced martial arts,Hungry wolf is escalating some Qigong waves,But it is still inevitably to withstand some harm.。
What happened to night?,Hungry wolf doesn’t know,But the night has become a strong,This is no doubtful。
Before, he was already able to occupy an advantage.,But now it seems to go back to the beginning.,I have been crushed again.。
And the other party is attacking down,Hungry the injury of the wolf itself,Plus the injury to the previous accumulation,Already let him be in the state of oil。
Maybe he will become stronger later.,Even than beforesLevel 5 is stronger,But today is estimated to die in this place.。
But before dying,The hungry wolf doesn’t want to die too much.,Don’t care about itself,The hungry wolf rushes out of the sand layer,Plan a battle!
Unfortunately, the hungry wolf is still growing.,But the injury on your body is not allowed to continue to fight.,And just“Geek”Get the ability to improve,Also far away from night“Super-Saiyan”Growth。
Next battle,The hungry wolf is almost hanging by the night.,Even after a long time,The hungry wolf is even played out of the night.“Geek”?
Seriously injured hungry wolf,Body skin and hair,Restore the original color,Momentum,Also far more weaker。
“Human with geeks,Can you change back??”
Night looked at the hungry wolf lying on the ground,It is also a bit awkward.,If the hungry wolf is death,Restore the state of adult,That is also able to understand。
But now the hungry wolf,I still have a breath,But it turned back to the original。
Do you say that“Geek”Not completely,Still, because the injury is too heavy,Forced to stop continuing to gently。
Just in the night,The sky suddenly slammed into a figure,A hungry wolf, a serious injury, dying,Go to the sky。
Night is just a look,I know that the other person is also a guy I know.,Dragon-grade gentleman of the Wirker Association。
Want to take a prey from yourself,Have you asked this party??
A gas work wave is in hand,Targeting a Phoenix male in the air,Ready to shoot it off。
But this time,A creature with only one eye,But flying to the front of the night,And the mouth said:“Night,Give me a face,Put this hungry wolf。”
Big Eyeball Biology projected a light screen in front of night,The above is the figure of Syx lazy sitting on the sofa。
“Syx,I haven’t seen it for a long time.,See you all the high-end red wine.,This little life is good.。
So you let me let me let me go hungry wolf,Is it because the monsters see him??”