Probably because of Russian ancestry in his bones,So Fluttershy is much more hospitable than ordinary people。

“Just drink……No one here can drink you!”
Qin Liang had nothing to say。
“Isn’t it……so smart!”
Swallow said something in disbelief。
“Half of the Russian blood is flowing in her veins,So drinking hard liquor is like drinking cold boiled water,I have learned,Betray!”
Qin Liang answered with a wry smile。
“Oh,No wonder……”
Yanzi understands now;Why does this little foreign girl speak Chinese so well!It turns out that she is actually a mixed race!No wonder she looks so beautiful,Mixed races are usually pretty,I don’t care if it’s a male or female。
“Don’t listen to him nonsense,I’m not that good,It’s just a little bit better than the average person,Let me get a drink。”
Xiaodie smiled modestly,Then stood up and walked out of the living room。
“Yaner,Worked hard for you yesterday,Thank you again when I go back。”
Qin Liang said to Yanzi with a guilty conscience……
Always called“Swallow”of,Now suddenly becomes“Yaner”……I feel a lot of affection at once!Yanzi was shocked,My face actually started to red……
This is an instant reaction caused by adding one level of intimacy invisible。