Chapter Fifty Four Dog bites dog

Ye Tianzong’s words,Shocked。
Originally noisy scene,Calm down instantly。
The workers are very emotional,The onlookers looked at each other,As for the reporters who were reporting in full swing,Is to appease the live audience in front of the camera,Let them rest,This will follow the camera to find out。
“This fool,Shouldn’t you really find anything??”Ren Yingying looks worried。
But Tian Zhongxin said confidently:“He is a fool,What can be found?”
“When coming,I have already told them thousands of times,There can be no problem。”
“He is just bluffing,go,Let’s go and see,See how shame he is。”
“The shame he gets,The more embarrassed Ren Yurou,And this is for us to take the initiative,Very helpful。”
The couple followed into the crowd。
As for Ren Yurou,Seeing Ye Tianzong’s swearing look,Basically desperate。
If the previous thing can be passed smoothly,It’s all luck,And now,To properly resolve this conflict,Unless a miracle happens。
And good luck,Will always run out,Ye Tianzong is messing around here now,She can do nothing。Thinking,Once it leads to immeasurable consequences,All by myself,Then he sent Ye Tianzong back to the mental hospital,Anyway he is just a fool,No one will embarrass him。
Don’t know。
When the mother knew this,How uncomfortable it will be。
The more I think the more I feel wronged,unconsciously,In the eyes,Tearful。
“What are you talking nonsense?!”