Now the windows are open,The wind is blowing,The white curtains were opened,The morning sun shone the brown bookcase a little reflective。

But waited until the curtain came back to the window,The bookcase and its surroundings turned dark again。
When the wind blows and closes,Between light and dark,As if it has some charm。
Shen Huan recalled the classic scenes in his memory,Smile unconsciously,“Very appropriate。”
“That’s good,I’m still worried that I can’t restore the plot in the script。”Ding Lun breathed a sigh of relief,“Sister Mei said,Except for Teacher Chu,Your understanding of the script,Still above her。I think your two arrangements,It’s very interesting,Can test the fit of the actors。”
Till today,Ding Lun、Shiliyou them,Already read it《love letter》,The plot and scene,Can be considered relatively understanding。
Ding Mei definitely didn’t tell them,Shen Huan is Teacher Chu Liuxiang,But she changed her mind,Talk about the kid’s understanding of the script,Even Teacher Chu admired,So I asked him to help review the audition,Is a very good supplement。
Scene with arrangement,Shen Huan told Ding Mei yesterday afternoon,Then they prepared all night yesterday,I started decorating early today。
Now it depends,It’s not bad,It fits Shen Huan’s setting。
It also shows that Zhu Mei’s team execution is very good,There won’t be any silly things。
Think about it too。
If you can’t stand loneliness,Or pursuing prosperity and wealth,I left this literary director’s team a long time ago,How could you stay till now?
Zhu Mei is looking at the information in her hand on the other side,See Shen Huan coming,Also waved him over。
Here is a typical audition venue,30Open space,Then there are several chairs behind,Let the interviewers sit。
“If it’s ready,Let’s start?”Zhu Mei said to Shen Huan。