In the same city,The top floor of Shining Technology Building,Gan Liangchen is crazy。

He has smashed several cups and vases,I can’t wait to rush to the scene,Go and choke these people to death。
Traitors are all riding horses!
That’s how you treat me!?
You guys said that a scene was carefully rehearsed,The result was to force me to eat Xiang!?
Since its fortune,Gan Liangchen hasn’t been angry for a long time,Let alone swearing。
But today he kept smashing things,Keep scolding。
The secretaries outside heard the movement inside,Are all trembling with fright,But none of them dared to ask what happened。
Because Gan Liangchen was very intimate to let them watch the live broadcast just now,See how shame Shen Huan is。
totally unexpected,So three people,Joining forces to give Gan Liangchen and Shining Technology is a heavy hammer!
Everyone can’t understand,Why such a weird thing happened。
It reacts completely differently from Shine Technology,It’s a group of people from sitting in the office watching the live broadcast。
The eldest princess laughed even more rarely。
This also makes her secretaries a bit creepy。
They have followed Zheng Rongrong for several years,I’ve never seen her so happy。
Think about it carefully。
This time, Mr. Lu Xiaofeng proposed to confront,Definitely a touch of magic。