Li Hui said,Let’s directly find small white.。

Now that the big white in the village has become a Ming Dog.,Because everyone knows that he is Li Ruang,And don’t call,Even people have a close feeling.。
So now the people in lotus village,Basically, I will not be afraid of big white.,Even people will give it to the white spot.。
However, it is also letting the big white.。
This makes Li Hui’s unmealed。
Originally, Li Hui Hui thought that the big white will look for Xiaobai.,But I didn’t expect it to come to the village with him.。
“Big white,Don’t tell me that Xiaobai has been bought by people.!”
Dahuai heard this,It is also shaken it immediately.。
Then I took Li Hui’s mouth to the small selling department.。
Big white is called a little,Xiaobai runs directly from the small soldiers.。
There is still a pack of potato chips in your mouth.。
See this scene,Li Hui is suddenly sorry.,Directly walking to Zhu Youfu for a smile and want to give money。
“Big brother,sister in law,My little fox is not understanding,How much thing is stolen?,I have given money.。”
Zhu Youqing saw Li Hui Feng,It is also a happy smile that is immediately overbearing.。
“breeze,You are free.?
I have to drink a cup tonight.?”
“Zhu Da Ge,I am talking about it.,My little fox is stolen for you.?”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Xiaobai is crying.,At the same time。
Even the legs have been reached,Mouth squat,Then both small front claws were more。
See this scene,Li Hui is not able to understand what is going on.,Zhu Youquad is laughing.。
“You look,Your little fox is very sensible.,I don’t like something at all.,And she has not steal something,Things are sold to it。”
Zhu Da Ge,Don’t make trouble,I know smart,But smart is not a few years old children,Can you understand!”
Li Hui Feng is a letter but a little fox,The same, some don’t believe in Zhu Youquan。
After all, Zhu You will see it in the small fox.,Will not want money,Maybe you will go in。
“breeze,You come over and see,Your family must not be。”
When I said this, I saw that the big white is also extended.,The eyes of a blame look at Zhu Youquan。
Zhu Youquan is also a laughter:“certainly,Big white is more powerful,These are all of the white teachings。”
Chapter 1266 Be fine
In the face of Zhu Youquan,Li Hui Feng is really a bit。