“Yes yes,In the past few years, the South China Tigers, their rivals in the same city, rely on the means of Jinyuan football,Collected a lot of stars,Won three league titles,Also won an AFC Champion……In the limelight,Everyone thinks that Lingnan is a Chinese Super League team called the South China Tigers,But Poseidon, who was established earlier than the South China Tigers, hasn’t improved much so far.,It’s normal for club executives to want to change……”

“Yes。Poseidon attaches great importance to youth training,In recent years, we have cultivated talents for Lingnan football.,But just rely on youth training and a small amount of investment,It’s really hard to beat those rich and powerful local tyrants。Watching the South China Tiger win the championship,To say that Poseidon has no idea?”
“Say so,You want to spend money to bring in stars,What are you doing in youth training??Zhao Kangming, who has served the team’s youth training for 11 years, was forced to resign……”
“Poseidon just needs that money,Want to spend more money to buy stars,Don’t you have to reduce your investment in youth training??Zhao Kangming resigned because of his dissatisfaction。”
“Eh,Want me to say,The most grandson is the youth training supervisor who succeeded Zhao Zhao,What is the former coach of the elite team of Transit Football Academy,I thought how high the level is。As a result,Hu Lai can’t play the game。I suspect that he came to suppress Hu Lai on purpose,In order to eliminate the influence of Director Zhao in the Haishen youth training system……”
“Once the emperor and the courtier,Normal operation。I can’t rule out how the dissident can sit firmly in his position?”
“Modern football demands more and more centers,More and more comprehensive,What’s the use of only shooting?A center like you,Does not meet the requirements and definitions of modern football……Let me be honest,I’m not saying you have no future in Poseidon,I mean even if you go to other teams,No future。Sorry,I speak straighter,But i’m for your good,Instead of wasting everyone’s time like this,Might as well find another way out……”
This is after the training ended yesterday,What the new youth training supervisor Sun He said to Hu Lai on the side of the training court。
When he said that,In front of all youth team players and coaches,Everyone heard what he said,Cast their eyes on Hu Lai。
Hu Lai didn’t want to play this youth training supervisor who had only just been in a month,He would say such things in front of so many people。
Until now,The day has passed,As long as Hu Lai is willing to think back,I can still recite the full text of Sun He’s words easily,Tone、He remembers his expression clearly。
I have gone through all the hardships,From school team to professional football club echelon,Not hesitate to run away from home for this,And received more rigorous training than others in the Poseidon Youth Team,Put in more effort than other youth teammates,Finally got such an evaluation?