Under Sasuke’s gaze,Shikamaru slowly said。

“Because Hydra lost all the previous three Holy Grail wars with S.H.I.E.L.D., causing his vitality to be greatly injured.,In order to avoid the pursuit of SHIELD,In the end, the head of the Hydra resolutely implemented the strategy of breaking into parts。”The voice falls,The jar merchant paused suddenly,Then whispered,“Long live the Hydra。”
“Is this a code word for your Hydra members to confirm each other’s identity??”
After frowning and thinking for a while,Shikamaru asked。
“Sorry,I can’t answer you this question,Although I am a businessman pursuing profit,But I am also a businessman with a bottom line。”
The jar merchant said righteously,But Shikamaru did not continue to ask,Because he already knows,Long live Hydra is indeed a code word for members of the Hydra organization to confirm each other’s identity。
“You just said,The Holy Grail War has been held three times。”
Sasuke asked again。
“One hundred thousand yen。”
“Yes,This time is the 4th Holy Grail War,Although all the previous three sessions were defeated by our Hydra,But we also successfully destroyed the Holy Grail at the last minute,Postponed the time for the next holy grail war,Bought our Hydra a chance to breathe。”
“last question,How can I qualify for the Holy Grail War。”
Shikamaru said。
“Because you have taken care of my business,This information will not be charged。”Said the jar merchant,“Eligibility to participate in the Holy Grail War is random,It’s just that every time the Holy Grail War begins,Both Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D. will draw participants to each other,Provide assistance to participants。”
Fortunately the blogger is not here,If the blogger knows that the pot merchant sells his own qualifications for one hundred thousand yuan,The blogger will definitely find a jar merchant desperately。
“Jar merchant,Is there a way to contact you?”
After meditation for a while,Shikamaru said to the jar merchant。
“Yes yes,But this is something that the Xinyue member here can get,but,For the face of Naruto-sama,I’ll give it to you in advance。”
A sleeping snail was placed on the desk in front of Naruto。