But one next to the chair,He will not let Liao Wenjie are so arrogant.。

Give birth to a sulking,jackieSee Liao Wenjie to throw a red line,Pull the magic box out of the pool of corrosive,I am very exciting。
Liao Wenjie refers to the magic box,Read the information of singular symbols,existjackieThrow the magic box back in the water chamber in an unexpected eye。
“what happened?”
“Timing is not,Not suitable for now。”
Liao Wenjie shakes his head,Take away the magic box,The independent space will collapse,Ore will be annihilated,Loss is too big。
“At any time?”
Liao Wenjie touched the chin thinking,Carefully give a more reasonable answer:“Waiting for the aura recovery,Demon devil is gentle,Take out the gods in the magic box,Can maintain world peace。”
“Can maintain world peace,Eliminate the invaders of the five major planets in the Milky Way。”
jackieNot talking,Four times,Confirm that there is no chair around it again.。
hateful,Why no one http://www.isweethome.cn is buried in the furniture city??
“Hey,You two,I just saw you picked up the box.,tell me,What is the box??”
jackieHeard,Top,People talking by Terry。
He smashed his dagger to the Laura neck,The other hand holds Laurappistol,now,The muzzle is pointing to Liao Wenjie andjackie。
“Laura,Why are you too??”
Liao Wenjie looked up,Motherland Mountain River,Foreign peaks are not bad,From this perspective,Quite spectacular。
beside,jackieAlso a good look。
“answer me,What is the Pandora’s magic box??”Terry Laura is hostage,Walk down the wall,Stop in the five meters in front of the two。
“have no idea,Our courage,Did not open。”jackieShrug,Under the threat of Terry,Put the gun on the foot,Hold up with both hands。
“What do you throw??”
“He has humanity……”
In the face of Liao Wenjie’s question,jackieConfused:“what http://www.qdzncn.cn happened,Did I do something wrong?”
“nonsense,Hosts are Laura,We are not familiar with her.。”
Liao Wenjie vomiting,Follow:“This is just great,Just just have a hostage,There are three now.。”
“Hahaha,It’s too right.。”
Terry collapsed,Pull out another Laurappistol,Push her forward,Hand holding a gun。
Laura black face is in Liao Wenjie andjackiemiddle,Indignation:“What is wrong with host?,I thought we were already a friend.?”
“Will only dig your pit,I am not rare.。”
Liao Wenji mouth:“If you are honest, look at him.,I andjackieWill follow the hostage?”