Seeing Ding Yi’s heartless look,It’s hard to say what Peng Changyi wants to say,Can only say a word:“Call me something。”

Ding Yixin wants to go out with the mayor?Make a fuss,But she nodded。
Cao Nan asked the government-run Xiao Wang to follow the taxi back,Gao Tieyan said:“Hi,Not so squeamish,Just go back by yourself。”
Ding Yi said:“Correct,Go back by yourself,No need to send。”
But Cao Nan, who was born in the military, was obviously carrying out some orders,He insisted on letting Xiao Wang go back with Ding Yi。Gao Tieyan said disdainfully:“Damn,Such a big person,Not so squeamish!”
Secretary Cui stepped forward and whispered:“You have a problem with your mentality,A little bit of suspicion of competing with the little girl。”
Gao Tieyan wanted to refute him,But after thinking about it, I didn’t say anything。
Cui Ci said:“Calm down,Don’t be beautiful when you were young,The commissioner of the administration personally received,I asked you to accompany you on the tour……”
“All right,Don’t turn over the old account。”Gao Tieyan interrupted him。
Cui Ci smiled,Say:“Look here,I want to say nothing more,Who can provoke you?”
Gao Tieyan said:“I don’t know if you are scolding me or complimenting me?”
“I was not as squeamish as her back then!”Gao Tieyan said disdainfully。
“Ha ha,Think about how old she is,Not a year or two older than our children,Our children are not the same?”
Gao Tieyan thought for a while and said:“Can’t compare,This is the agency,Is a job position,If you ask like that, you will be wrong。”
“People who conduct discipline inspections like to say this。”Gao Tieyan glared at him with big dark eyes。
“Hahaha。”Cui Ci smiled and said nothing。
Ding Yi and Xiao Wang just entered the hotel gate,I saw Jiang Fan coming out of the elevator。Xiao Wang hurried forward and said:“mayor,Director Cao asked me to send Secretary Ding back。”