First349chapter Love science Shen Xiaohuan!(Two more)
Seeing Shen Huan is about to take off,Huaguo Basketball Club once again ushered in hope,And ended up in such a joy,Shen Huan’s hardcore supporter Dayao,Sent a meager。
The picture he used is his own embarrassed face,Didn’t say anything。
But it doesn’t mean happiness。
Logically,Shen Huan goNBAPlay ball,Dayao should be very happy。
He put on this expression,There must be a problem!
Everyone immediately noticed something was wrong,Hurriedly asked Dayao,short1Hours,This meager has more than3Thousands of messages and comments。
That is, Shen Huan is not meager,Otherwise, every minute is the rhythm of tens of thousands of comments。
Then next,It broke out in Guangdong, and Shen Huan had already returned to Lin’an by plane.,andNBAOn the Lakers flight back to Los Angeles,Does not have his place。
What is this indicating?
People feel a little more flustered。
Dayao didn’t say anything,Doesn’t mean other people don’t say anything。
The Lakers general manager Kupchak before leaving China,So I accepted an interview with China TV。