The people sitting stared at Mo Xiaosheng in amazement,I never thought that Mo Xiaosheng would directly refuse the invitation of the mysterious doctor,To know,Since this mysterious doctor has come back out of the world,That represents the highest level of Chinese medicine!

What Huaxia Traditional Chinese Medicine Association,It was immediately turned into a slag!
The identity of the president of Mo Xiaosheng Chinese Medicine Association,It’s worth nothing in front of the deputy head,But Mo Xiaosheng actually showed such a high posture,Really surprising。
Everyone thought Mo Xiaosheng was too young,Reliance on talent,That’s why。
Don’t know,At all, Mo Xiaosheng didn’t pay attention to the profound medical school, which had no medical ethics at all.!
Hearing Mo Xiaosheng’s words, the man in black was stunned.,Eyes wide,Somewhat at a loss,Because in the impression,No one has ever refused an invitation from their deputy head?!
“it is good,This matter is easy to say,Who will go,Aren’t they all the same,Then I will communicate with Xuanyimen!”
Madam Du sees the weird atmosphere,Quickly stood up and eased the atmosphere,Smiled at everyone,“Since it’s okay,Everyone keep drinking and eating!Sorry,I disturbed everyone just now,While leaving,I give ten gold bars to each of you,Apologize!”
Everyone was overjoyed when they heard this,Glow in the eyes,To know,A standard gold bar is more than 100 grams,Converted into cash at the gold price,It’s three to four thousand pieces,The ten roots are naturally three to four hundred thousand,They come all night,Nothing to eat or drink,You can get 340,000,It’s a huge profit!
“Thank you Madame Du!”
“Madam Du is really generous!”
A bunch of people thanked,I’m even a little grateful that I didn’t make it just now。
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“Come,Mr. Mo,I toast you!”