“Is it?Kill him, I will go to the Four Emperors,What can you do with me?”

Leo’s expression is still cold,And Leo, who is holding Sigen’s head, is slowly approaching Triander.,Make a group of lieutenant masters can’t help backing。
Leo’s face is full of sneers。
so,These http://www.51qhw.cn Tianlong people have no brains,Dare to threaten other people’s lives without self-protection,I really thought everyone wouldn’t dare to resist?
The slaves use too much,I think anyone can be dominated by them,Even life and death is a matter of one sentence。
“Leo。Do you really want to betray the navy?In this way, neither the world government, the dragon people, or the navy will let you go,The Four http://www.fj153.cn Emperors can only protect you for a while,Can’t keep you!”
Leo laughed。
This group of people really have a brain problem。
“With my talent,You can become a powerful general in two or three years,Even become the fifth emperor,Do i need someone else to protect?Ok?”
Everyone changes color,They just remembered,The eighteen-year-old sea powerhouse,A genius who can kill Sigen doesn’t need protection for too long.。
Just a short time,Leo can really move freely on this sea。
This group of people feel that they think too little,Forget that Leo is not someone they can handle。