And the Meijia brothers who have had conflict with the summer also in the case。

But not five brothers,Only Mei Lao Big and Mei Lao San。
“Good,I know。”
The sound is derived from the right side of the room,There, standing with a sturdy old man。
At this moment, he hangs up the phone.,Turn around,Alert,Specially in the crowd in the face of Metama and Mei San’s face for a second。
“I just learned a message。”
The voice of the old http://www.okustore.cnman is full,Quite loud,“Li Qiu’s young people in the old house have taken Li Jia.,Not only that,The young people of those young people also followed the old house。”
Toned,Welcome the eyes of everyone,Also,“At the same time,There is also Li Jia’s big housewater。”
I heard this sentence,Everything is in the field。
One of the sneerous old people asked,“Dare to ask the Lord,What is the reason?。”
The old man is the maintenance of the guardian alliance law enforcement,Lingfeng。
He doesn’t hide,Talk about spit out a sentence。
“Only by these people。”
Not much。
Only short ten words。
But the people present after listening,Cast colors。
Even some people can’t help but pick up a breath。
Half half。
The feeling of the first queries said softly,“This is given us a good medicine.,Li Dao is still so overbearing。” “Be right。”
Lingfeng is deeply nodded.,Sigh,“It seems that Li Queen is in the summer.,If we are hard,He does not hesitate to face,Even dare to cross the entire guardian。”
A noodle,Hair, such as steel needle, the middle-aged middle-aged suddenly snort。
“Li Yu Wang has not been too overbearing.,He Li Jia,It is difficult to fight, we can fight against our guardian alliance.?”
The Guardian Alliance is the first super power of Huaxia.,Personal pulse,Status root deep。
And Li Jia is just a family,Who can fight against the Guardian Alliance。
If you are usually only a person who knows surface information,It is definitely this idea。
But,After saying this in middle age,The people present are not in line with。
Everyone is silent,Restored again,Heavy doubts between the eyebrows。
First1551Chapter Partition
I am afraid that I have never thought of even in the summer.。
The old man will extend those young people.。