Zhang Yaya and Shui Qianyu are the same,All went directly to the high school of our school。

As the little princess of the second middle school,Also a primary school bully,Of course she can have such treatment。
So at this moment,She didn’t prepare for the entrance exam,But to help in the supermarket at home。
Do business with this,The better the business, the more willing to work,Even if you are tired。
on the other hand,If business is not good,I’m not motivated all day long,Few businesses can successfully counterattack。
Yongxing Supermarket,It’s so busy all day long。
They don’t specifically arrange the morning market for vegetables, meat, fruits and vegetables,All unified9Open at o’clock,at night0Stop business。
In this3In hours,All employees,Basically there is no rest for a moment。
According to Zhang Yaya’s statistics,Including her father,Except breakfast can be relaxed,Lunch and dinner are the same as fighting,Most spend5You have to do it in minutes。
Just like this3Full hours,Zhang Duocai was already considering,Do you want2Class changed to3Class。
if2Class words,Plus time for preparation and cleanup,The working time of each class is about an hour。
If replaced by3Shift staff rotate to work,Working hours of each class5Half an hour。
This requires consideration of increased labor costs50%The problem。
The salaries of the ladies in charge of cleaning are6000,Ordinary service staff are0000,Group leader、Department manager, etc. higher。
It must be the lower-level personnel,But now3000Calculated by the size of the person,Need to hire again500people。
Basically calculate the basic salary expenditure for one month will increase200Ten thousand,Not counting the half-year and year-end bonus,And various benefits on weekdays。