10 longest longevity foods help you prolong life


10 longest longevity foods help you prolong life


Tofu is a favorite food for the elderly. Old people generally love tofu.

They said: “The fish are burning, the meat is raw, and the cabbage is safe.”

“With the interest in the diet spectrum: “everywhere can be made, rich and poor, easy to ask, vegetarians in the majority of the teaching masters, but also into the hustle and bustle, the winter months are so beautiful.

The main ingredients of tofu are protein and isoflavones.

Tofu has the benefits of qi, tonic, lower blood lead concentration, protect the liver, promote the metabolism of the body, often eat tofu is conducive to healthy beauty and intellectual development.

Old people often eat tofu for the hardening of the arteries, osteoporosis and other diseases have a good therapeutic effect.


Long-lived old people like to drink porridge. From the eating habits of long-lived old people, they all like to drink porridge.

The famous economist Ma Yinchu and his wife Zhang Guijun, both husband and wife are centenarians, and the two particularly like to drink porridge.

Every morning, add 50 grams of oatmeal to 250 grams of boiling water and brew for 2 minutes to make porridge.

Every day, never stop.

Mr. Su, the first hundred-year-old man from Shanghai, drinks rice porridge for three meals a day, drinks porridge in the morning and evening, and drinks a slightly thick porridge at noon. Each meal is a shallow bowl, which has formed a habit.

They said: “Drinking porridge is good for the body.

“The ancient doctors and health homes are very respectful of the elderly drinking porridge.

“With the diet” said: “porridge is the world’s first nourishing character.

“The porridge is easy to digest, absorb, and can stomach, spleen, clear the lungs, run down.”

Cao Cisheng, a health care worker in the Qing Dynasty, said: “Old age, there are eclipses of the day, not counting, but also strong and healthy.

He has compiled more than one hundred kinds of porridge, which is popular for the elderly.


Chinese cabbage everyone loves Chinese cabbage, ordinary vegetables, old people, and favorite.

The cabbage is delicious and suitable for both. The Chinese painting master Qi Baishi has some pictures of Chinese cabbage. The cabbage is the 鈥渒ing of the dish鈥?and praises 鈥渢he dish is not as good as the cabbage鈥?

The old man often said: “The cabbage is eaten for half a year, and the doctor enjoys leisure.”

It can be seen that eating cabbage often helps to prolong the disease.

Chinese cabbage contains minerals, vitamins, protein, and crude fiber.

From the medicinal effect, Chinese cabbage can nourish the stomach, benefit the intestines, hangover, facilitate, reduce fat, clear heat, prevent cancer and other seven functions.


Rice is the best tonic for the elderly. The oldest person likes millet and regards millet as the best nourishing product. Xiaomi is the granular food after the peeling of millet. It has always been known as 鈥済rain grains, millet-led鈥?

Frail and sick elderly people often use millet to nourish the body.

The motherland medicine believes that Xiaomiyi has five internal organs, thick stomach, fluid, strong bones and long muscles.

In the Qing Dynasty, a famous doctor said: “Millet is the most supportive.

The rice oil in the glutinous rice porridge is better than the ginseng soup.

“It can be seen that longevity old people like Xiaomi is very reasonable.”

The four secrets of longevity have been introduced. People are very easy. These 鈥渇ood and drink鈥?are very common, but few people believe that eating these common foods will lead to longevity, and it is difficult for people with flavors.adhere to.

However, if you can only get it by believing, you are looking for a recipe for longevity. Try it.


Eating an apple a day can significantly reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

The quercetin contained in apples not only has an anti-inflammatory effect, but also prevents the development of free radicals.
Apple’s intake of vitamins and minerals can improve human immunity and improve cardiovascular function.

Fish who care about heart health certainly eat more fish. Three fish dishes a week or 30 grams of fish a day can reduce the risk of stroke by 50%.

Medical research has shown that the proportion of Japanese and Eskimo who often eat fish and those who seldom eat fish is less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.


Garlic garlic not only prevents colds, but also reduces the risk of stomach cancer, intestinal cancer, and enhances digestive function.

In addition, garlic can also purify blood vessels, prevent blood vessel embolism, and effectively prevent vascular diseases.


Strawberries can fully supplement vitamin C as long as they eat more strawberries. Strawberries and continuous iron can improve the body’s immunity.

The dyeing substances and essential oils in strawberries can form special enzymes to prevent cancer.


Carrots and carrots may be beta-carotene, which not only protects the structure of the gene, prevents cancer, but also improves the skin and enhances vision.


Banana banana is the fruit with the highest carbohydrate content. It is also rich in a variety of trace elements, which can prevent sugar from entering the blood quickly. The magnesium content is rich. Eating a banana can satisfy the body’s 24 hours of magnesium.