Bosh doesn’t fight him head-on,I just shoot anyway,I’ll make you a foul when you get close,See how you can drop!

With the strength of this inside line,The Heat keep regaining the difference。
Wait until half of the third quarter is left,The difference between the two sides is only4Minute,Basically flat!
Half-turned11Point difference back!
“After all, strength is crushing!The Heat’s initial tactics were wrong,But they have a strong ability to adjust,It seems,Even if it’s halftime40It’s hard for Xu Xuan to take the victory in this game.。”
“Eric is no longer the Eric before!He used to be Riley’s puppet,Now he is a bit like a champion coach。”
Eric·Spoelstra’s champion coach has never been recognized by everyone。
O’Neill once said,The Heat at the time, even his grandmother, could win the championship.
This is not a mockery!
This is the fact!
The Heat at the time was in the era when the superstars had not yet got together,Deterrence is too strong!
Whoever coaches,As long as it’s not a donkey,I can win the championship,Even if it’s a donkey head, as long as you don’t be stupid,The championship is still stable。
This is why coach Eric has always wanted to prove himself。
The Heat adjusted quickly。
After losing the first half,They adjusted right away。
But before they are happy,I heard cheers from the sidelines like a tsunami。
Wait until everyone on the Heat looks over,I saw Xu Xuan appear on the sidelines again!
Xu Xuan is coming back!
Xu Xuan is going to play again!