My sister is too beautiful.,Lining them like servants。

Yue Yusheng looks at the beautiful Yue Lingxi,The ordinary five officials flashed a trace of evil:“Xixi,For half a year,You grow more and more beautiful.。”
Yue Lingxi looks at Yue Sheng,Know the face of his disgusting face,The face is getting colder。
She is eyeing over Yusheng,See the raising father,They are obese,This family is together,It’s really a family.。
Yue mother likes big fish big meat,It is also very rich,Winning in the skin,She seems to be beautiful than Yue Ling Rhyme.。
She slows back to the eye,Looking at your younger brother:“Small peak,let’s go。”
“Xixi,Don’t worry。”
Yue Sheng quickly,Blocking the two people of the brother。
Yue Lingxi is a face of a face to see him,She knows how much the brother in front of me。
Knowing that she is not a child’s biological daughter,He hit his mind to her head.。
I want to marry her.!She was originally watching Feng Tao.,But Feng Tao is still slag。
Yue Sheng looks up at the parents not far away:“dad,mom,You are so happy.,It’s hard to see Lingxi,Let’s make things clear about things.。”
Yue Father does not speak,Yue mother speeds up。
Yuemu’s face is proud to look at Yue Lingxi Sister Bowl。
“Yo!Lingxi,What is also a family?,I didn’t even say that my father and my mother said.?”
Strokes and quite horizontal,If she is the emperor。
Yue Lingxi face is getting better,How is she so I mean to say this??
“Happy lady,Excuse me,Your family can’t climb,I have a relationship with your brother.。”
“and many more!”
Yue mother squinted,She regrets Yue Lingxi now。
Yue Lingxi is so beautiful,Can take a lot of business for her。
Although she also likes her own biological daughter.,But every time I see her huge body,Take out each time,They are jokes by those rich ladies。
Instead, all of them Quyue Lingxi。
Yue Lingxi can’t marry Feng Tao,Marrying other rich people are also possible。
Yue Yusheng looks at Yue Lingxi beautiful face,The legs have begun.。
“mother,You talk to Lingxi,I like her,Let her marry me。”
Yue Sheng can’t wait。
After seeing Yue Lingxi once again,Those women around him,He is, the more you look at it, the more it is。
He is just wanting Yue Lingxi。
Yue Lingxi coldly looked at Yue Sheng,Just feel nausea。
“Pleasant,Do you dream??”
Yue Lingxi is angry。
Yue Lingfeng’s previous step,Sister carefully,As an angry leopard,Watching Yue Yusheng。