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Common people talk about beauty

[‘ Qingfengmingyue’ entered China’s dating website as soon as she got off work, opened the dating cabin designed for her, and opened the buckle chat online ]Qingfengmingyue: hello! The cabin you designed for me and built with your own board is very beautiful. I just took a nap in it, turned on the stereo and […]

Autumn ray, Mu Yin month

Magpie Bridge Tianhe far the vast, vast night gazing thinking to do.   Christians have no place to send feelings, and forbearance Gu return two of Love.- Inscription night, still silent, the tower alone, the breeze lean on a railing, looking at the sky, you see, the sky was bright waxing crescent, like autumn leaves eyes, clear […]

A fairy tale

Fairy tale for a long time, time to be gone, has not catch, is not to let go of. Every thought how innocent fairy tales, always want to live in a fairy tale, there is no crying, no sad, and even the outcome, both the United States and abnormal heartbreak. Dark, I came to the […]

520 thoughts

[REVIEW] Today is Valentine’s Day so-called network, 5.20, is said to mean I love you, especially confession more efficacious in the afternoon 13:14 minutes, say I love you for life.It has a good atmosphere.    Midnight, Pilibala rain, messy and rapid, like a forced march transit, for a moment, attributed to the quiet world.  Get up early, I […]

Memorable honeymoon

Middle-aged, enough to live comfortably.I was obsessed with literature worked at the grassroots government agencies, working at ease, can be said that no trouble no angry no sorrow.Outside of work, often have memorable experiences, the scenes of the past through the fingertips, tapping on the keyboard, into a beautiful collection of text on the network.    In […]

Faint fragrant gardenia

Gardenia fragrance faint text / Mizuki leaf every time someone asked me why I was surprised at the Gardenia in May, and this time my eyes always with nostalgia of my eye, soak in the memories of those years.         The story is like the sky clouds, looked up some pictures vividly, as if […]

Emotional dates

I especially like the dates, I grew up never left jujube.In since I can remember, it is the north front of the house and two thick jujube yard full of sun dates.  A child, I lived in the grandmother at home due to illness, early death of grandpa, aunt were all married, only one person had […]

Drunken sun twilight Wind

Twilight shadow oblique floor to the enemy, the Red Road, a sum of tenderness, a touch of the setting sun flooded.    - Inscription For fall flower setting sun drift, pavilion and Smoke pale shadow twilight.Pavilion, the afterglow broken, Chapman ajar, Indus Yela.Country roads, villages simple breath ran aground who study on three, fascinated eyes forget the […]

Do not spend over the years

REVIEW copper piano Tie Pipa clank sound was deafening but also arrived, but Ling Fei cut sleeves and ice-breaking hit, obviously Xuanshen waist has been folded in half, a hundred thousand turn back the occasion he suddenly stood head of the state has great ambition.    These days especially cold, the wind fluttering out the window, raging […]

Dead Poets Society gentle

REVIEW men masculine, feminine beauty of a woman, is also a gender difference in the character of a wonderful pine.Gentle is a young woman of virtue, but also a young woman elegance.      Accompanied by rapid warming the Korean drama, the mainland version of the Sassy also debut, and showed an increasing trend.Sassy sounds cute, but generally […]