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Glass heart

I have a secret I has a pair of eyes that can see through all that I can see the heart of a large, small, incomplete, or even nothingness of empty red, bear warm yellow, black, or dirty, cool , numbness, and hard as stone…….。And I have is so colorful exquisite heart and my heart […]

Flowers in a in a warm piece by piece

Far from the window, faint flickering lights under the night sky, smelled one after another sad but deep temperament I do not know who \\\\\\ night was dark at the touch of a love War that state of mind, one person at a heavy shadows wandering in the endless night, I think that's a brilliant […]

Huang Xuhua Academy of Sciences awarded "World Chinese influence Award" Lifetime Achievement Award

Academician Huang Xuhua。   Toys for reference, the data used to thinking people ism, technology transfer and other terms, perhaps hard to imagine Huang Xuhua and his team, a nuclear submarine toy model, as an important "reference"。 For any country, the nuclear submarine technology is the core secrets。 Moreover, the deterioration of Sino-Soviet relations in mid-1958, […]

So eat dates, make your life rosy!(1)

  As the saying goes, "One day to eat three dates, young never grows old."。 Jujube most prominent feature is the high vitamin content。Chinese medicine believes that jujube can Bu Zhong Yi Qi, nourishing fluid。Fresh vitamin content richer; but sometimes it makes, you can not often buy and eat more likely to harm the digestive function。  Dried […]

Survey that Hong Kong millionaires increased by 15% year-to 6.80,000

Data for: Central dazzling scenery。 Reporter Michael is still subject Min Head of Citibank Retail Banking Lin Zhigang said that although the proportion of respondents expected property prices to rise multimillionaire increased, but the proportion is still far lower than think property prices will rise in the proportion of Hong Kong people in general, but […]

African refugees Spain winning Euro 400,000 | Lotto | refugee | Spain

  Sina Wall Street Beijing 24 hearing, local media reported on Wednesday, the Spanish Christmas lottery annual ushered in a strange winner, he was an unemployed Senegalese eight years ago draped over a small wooden boat drifted into the adventure from Morocco Spain, was rescued by the Spanish coast guard was able to set foot on […]

Encounter love

Love this thing, most full of mystery, what kind of person when it came to anything, it is almost predestined。Love is not found, it must be met。After innumerable twists and turns probably not love, love must be, waited and waited, then, there he was, you found, and this is love。    ——When the snow small Zen met, […]

Comments on "SLAM" history Baida star: James Wong second fifth Bryant

  Beijing time on March 4, the United States "SLAM" magazine out of a hundred greatest players in NBA history – Michael Jordan undisputed number one, LeBron – James ranked second, followed by Bryant – Bryant special ranked fifth。    The following is the full list of this list: 1 to 10: – Michael Jordan, LeBron […]

Something about data: dengue is averaging 34.6 points pioneers nemesis

Beijing on March 21, today 2017–18 season, regular season to continue, a total of seven games Here are some interesting data that appear in a few games。 Today, Carl – Anthony – Downs, Andrew – Wiggins, Jeff – Teague and Jamal – Jamal Crawford scored 20 +, respectively, of the Timberwolves beat the Clippers。 In […]

Australian media: We live in forgo dependence on the US, "Chinese world"

According to Australia, "Sydney Morning Herald" March 16 article in April 1973, I traveled to Beijing, carries a copy of the letter has now become a historic document; this is the letter 8 when he was prime minister Gough Tel Hui Farm to me, and I was ambassador。 It talked about the idea of developing […]