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Feet can hurt?Feet with hot water every day in the end is a health or suicide?(1)

  Feet has always recognized the public health approach, especially in winter when the cold weather, multi-bubble feet can make the body feel warm, but recently there are a grandmother feet every day, and finally almost amputation, this is how it happened?Not to say that their feet body please?  84-year-old Hu grandmother, Huzhou, a month ago, she […]

Zhangjiakou Chongli coming snow season will host two World Cup skiing

People's Daily Beijing November 30 (Reporter quaternary) With the arrival of the snow season, China will usher in two important sporting events on snow。 2017-2018 FIS World Cup freestyle skiing aerials and freestyle skiing and snowboard venue type ü World Cup will be held in mid to late December Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province Chongli Genting […]

What lack of blood to eat, five, food is the blood expert (1)

  "Skin as creamy, face peach," the ancients used to describe a woman look awfully great metaphor, but also for the health of the modern state of the relentless pursuit of beauty。But the reality is that the vast majority of women are more or less lack of blood, what it ate it up blood, night net […]

BEIJING, real estate monthly planning 07

  Since 2003, the central real estate as a pillar industry of the national economy, according to incomplete statistics, published macro-control policies directly related to the real estate up to 43 times, the core purpose is to control prices。 But a decade of decline in housing prices did not make the regulation, but fall into "the […]

The best time to drink coffee lactation can not drink coffee

The best time is when drink?Coffee is something many people often drink, but you know the best time to drink coffee is when you?Following small to tell you what the best time is when coffee。 The best time to drink coffee drink coffee in the morning coffee can improve constipation, but this function, drink coffee […]

Dry skin care methods to give you good skin supple

Dry skin care methods have dry skin, which is very easy to dry skin, a skin type appears, especially in the cold dry, chapped skin and may even appear situation。 So in the end how to care for dry skin do the following small series to bring dry skin care methods to you, give you […]

How long is it what is suffering from urticaria cold urticaria

Long-term suffering from hives is urticaria is how it happened everyday life very common skin disease, to the patient's health has brought great harm。 Urticaria cold urticaria is a common in autumn and winter。 So, in the end what is it long-term suffering from cold urticaria hives is how it happened a look at it。 […]