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Faint fragrant gardenia

Gardenia fragrance faint text / Mizuki leaf every time someone asked me why I was surprised at the Gardenia in May, and this time my eyes always with nostalgia of my eye, soak in the memories of those years.         The story is like the sky clouds, looked up some pictures vividly, as if […]

Emotional dates

I especially like the dates, I grew up never left jujube.In since I can remember, it is the north front of the house and two thick jujube yard full of sun dates.  A child, I lived in the grandmother at home due to illness, early death of grandpa, aunt were all married, only one person had […]

Drunken sun twilight Wind

Twilight shadow oblique floor to the enemy, the Red Road, a sum of tenderness, a touch of the setting sun flooded.    - Inscription For fall flower setting sun drift, pavilion and Smoke pale shadow twilight.Pavilion, the afterglow broken, Chapman ajar, Indus Yela.Country roads, villages simple breath ran aground who study on three, fascinated eyes forget the […]

Do not spend over the years

REVIEW copper piano Tie Pipa clank sound was deafening but also arrived, but Ling Fei cut sleeves and ice-breaking hit, obviously Xuanshen waist has been folded in half, a hundred thousand turn back the occasion he suddenly stood head of the state has great ambition.    These days especially cold, the wind fluttering out the window, raging […]

Dead Poets Society gentle

REVIEW men masculine, feminine beauty of a woman, is also a gender difference in the character of a wonderful pine.Gentle is a young woman of virtue, but also a young woman elegance.      Accompanied by rapid warming the Korean drama, the mainland version of the Sassy also debut, and showed an increasing trend.Sassy sounds cute, but generally […]


Whatever you do have to pay the price, they see there is an invisible, there are psychological; also have to pay on the action, whether good or bad results have.As if God created things are flawed, like the Big Apple looks a tempting sweet and delicious to eat up some sour and sweet; some of […]

Cicadas note beating

[REVIEW] in front cicadas, I still remember when a roadside rows of soybean leaves, those with the river half-baked day; that high Mitsuda people canola flower, which hide and seek in those days; after that harvest fields hill like straw stacked, lying on top of the sky, those days; “squeak.squeak.”what sound?In the quiet of the […]

Chen Zhihong: the direction, the first to do just fine

At an early age, I always think a lot of things, this is the character of reason.In making money, I would smoke a lot of ideas every day, every so often to do.Just earn much.I later found, in fact, I did not do the front. Friends said that each industry to do the first three, […]

Camellia flowers

Early to know camellias, is in young middle school, Mr. Yang Shuo’s essay “Camellia Fu” fascinated me.Before that, I have not seen Camellia can be exquisite prose description made me produce a flawless yearning and worship of camellias, Mr. Yang Shuo’s “Camellia Fu” What I know: camellias in full bloom represent a spirit, it is […]

Bonsai tell

Bonsai tell my son Glen is an unfortunate seed.    After detachment from the parent, I can not fall on a thin thin roadside crevice.    That is kind of how a crevice way: narrow, shallow, short, empty, that point the soil barely a handful!I came to no longer fly, and had to take root in the crevices sprouted.    The […]