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Greek Ministry of Agriculture, farmers shock fights riot police

Greek Ministry of Agriculture, farmers shock fights riot police http: /// DY / slidenews / 9_img / 2017_10 / 85311_5590185_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t160 / 2017_10 / 85311_5590185_: /// DY / slidenews / 9_t50 / 2017_10 / 85311_5590185_ on March 8 22: 428 days, Crete farmers protest outside the Greek Ministry of agriculture, […]

"Chicken Soup text" hiding behind high-yield industrial chain built to bring misleading advertising

  The reason why people believe and forward bored, because these "chicken soup" fit certain psychological needs。 For example, the elderly concerned about health tonic, disease prevention misfortunes like "chicken soup text", mostly poor health, illness little pain with age and continue to emerge, or there is some lack of knowledge of the structure of some […]

Qiaqia new image: more stylish happier

Mid-1999 "Qiaqia melon seeds" on the market, a unique taste and innovation melon seeds grow into the first category brand。 2001 "Qiaqia small but sweet" on the market, leading consumer trend of small pieces of watermelon seeds to become the first brand in the field。 February 8, 2002 "Qiaqia" trademark by the State Administration for […]

Goal pressure?Why birds violence Luo gone

When singing Mengjin Barcelona on all fronts, many Barcelona fans have not noticed, that half of the season is rolling ridicule fans La Liga goals?Romania's Paulinho, 16 consecutive games without a goal。 Paulinho how suddenly not scored?Barca there'll be without his position?He will not go on this sink?This is probably every concern Paulinho fans, I […]

US investment immigration lawyer suspected of fraud 22 Chinese people appeal claims

Los Angeles attorney Chinese。 (United States "newspaper" reporter Wengyu She) BEIJING, Nov. 30, according to news report, 22 people living in China's recent white lawyer to the greater Los Angeles area in Newport Beach, Francisco and its control "PDC capital "Make a claim。 Local time on November 29, Chinese investors Chinese lawyer Wang Jing was […]

Spain will promote a wide range Alipay to facilitate Chinese tourist spending

June 30, according to Spain, Europe Sina reported recently, BBVA Bank of Spain and China's largest e-commerce platform Alibaba reached an agreement, Alipay will promote a wide range of services in the territory of Spain, in order to facilitate the consumption of Chinese tourists during the West。 This year is expected to have at least […]

Motion sickness motion sickness paste stickers do have side effects Precautions

Stickers do have side effects?Scopolamine Patch is something that many people will use the motion sickness, motion sickness stickers that you know do have side effects?Xiao Bian below to tell us something about how Scopolamine Patch do have side effects。 Scopolamine Patch do have side effects after use of the paste 30 to 50 minutes, […]