12 constellation girls keep a big guide


12 constellation girls keep a big guide

Which girl is not eager to have a charming figure?

Walking on the street, everyone sees me, and it is the glory of the focus of people’s attention. All of this must have a good body to be confident. The following is a special style for the constellation girl who chooses different styles of slimming and killing skills.Remember to tell your friends!

Let’s take a look!

銆€銆€Aries: Lettuce fasting therapy for two meals a day, and only eat raw vegetables and crushed rice paste for 7 consecutive days.

If you can stick to it, you will usually dismiss a large number of stools on the fourth day. The effect is very obvious.

銆€銆€2 liters of water per day, or green tea.

In Japan, many people are using this method to improve their health. The main function is to quickly discharge the toxins from the body and purify the body to achieve the goal of successful weight loss.

銆€銆€Taurus: Eat less every day. First, Taurus people should change themselves to a smaller set of cutlery, and insist on a meal in the bowl until the end of each meal. Even if you look at it again, you must hold back.

For the Taurus woman who marries a woman, pay more attention to it. Don’t eat the last piece of food left on the plate. Although it is a waste of it, it will be more balanced with maintaining a graceful figure. Calculate it!

銆€銆€Time, be sure to remind the Taurus who love sweets, eat a piece of chocolate every day, you can make you lose a kilogram every month.

銆€銆€Gemini: The first day of the slimming method of the week: You should pay attention to the sugar, don’t overdo it, and the snacks can’t be touched!

Rice, bread and noodles should not be eaten in two meals.

銆€銆€The next day: resume eating on weekdays, but it is still not appropriate to overdo it.

銆€銆€Day 3: Normal eating.

銆€銆€Days 4 to 7: If the weight does not drop, you need to make a staple food adjustment. It is rice, bread and noodles. Do not eat two meals in a row; replace the Cancer with fruits and vegetables: the calorie calculation method is to calculate the calorie strictly.The amount of static electricity implanted is less than 1500 calories per day.

However, in the implementation, we must abide by certain nutritional principles, divide the food of the day into 30 units; eggs and dairy products; meat, fish and soy products; vegetables, fruits and roots, and cereals, oils and fats.The four major categories of sugars are one unit. Among them, yellow-green vegetables should absorb four to six units, and light-colored vegetables should absorb six to eight units.

銆€銆€Leo: The coarse rice coffee slimming method can be bought on the surface of the city, and it can also be made by yourself. The method is to grind the same amount of coarse rice with the coffee beans in the grinder, and then brew it with a espresso maker.Becomes.
The trace rice itself is rich in minerals and fiber, which is very beneficial to the human body and can help to eliminate the acid toxin accumulated in the body and solve the problem left by Leo’s love of meat.

Drinking a few meters of coffee a day can eliminate constipation, edema, and reduce weight in the long run.

銆€銆€Virgo: Calcium slimming method If you are a Virgo who is worried about the adult, do not hinder the trial of calcium supplementation, maybe you will step into the new world of “Liu Huaming”.

The scientist’s explanation is that a person’s blood calcium can increase the secretion of a hormone called calcitonin.

Calcitonin can reduce the appetite and reduce the amount of food; in addition, a sufficient amount of calcium, especially ionized calcium, can be combined with fatty acids and calcium in food to prevent absorption of adults.Helps to excrete with the feces.

銆€銆€Libra: Red wine cheese slimming Dafa cheese and red wine can produce heat, can effectively improve the metabolic rate and burning assistant, smooth the cellulite.

In addition, the red wine also helps to sleep, and the two together are eaten together, and the natural weight loss effect is good.

銆€銆€Scorpio: black vinegar slimming method to drink 1 cup of black vinegar every morning, can improve the body’s metabolism, to achieve easy weight-loss purposes, to help the beauty of Scorpio to maintain a beautiful body, but need to pay attention to the black vinegar taste is sour, so to open water instead of as soon as possible.
銆€銆€Sagittarius: Cocoa slimming cocoa is the main raw material for making chocolate.

The caffeine-like substance contained is called cocoa catechol, which can activate the nervous system, has a function of calming autonomic nerves, and has functions of dilating capillaries, improving blood flow, and calming blood pressure.

You can think of cocoa as a nutritional supplement, and drink four cups of cocoa in a timely manner, so that you can get the right amount of nutrients and make it easy to lose weight.

銆€銆€Capricorn: drink plenty of water to lose weight, so that the Capricorn slimming effect doubled.

do you know?

Without calorie water, you can change the eating habits that Capricorn ignores because you are too focused on your work. Let your stomach make the water full of satiety before eating, and replace the gastric juice, no longer make you hungry. This is before meals.Water makes you slim down for success.

Drinking one thousand eight hundred milliliters of water a day, in addition to being able to cleanse your body’s toxins, can also suppress the appetite center, thereby reducing calorie intake.

銆€銆€Aquarius: Drinking honey to lose weight suggests that Aquarius can choose to strengthen slimming ideas on Sunday.

In the working days from Monday to Friday, choose a day or two to implement the honey slimming method. Please remember to carry the honey in your briefcase whenever you go, as long as you can dissolve the honey in tea or boiled water.You can drink it.

Honey is nutritious, sweet and delicious. It is recommended that you choose the busiest day to implement the honey slimming method.

銆€銆€Pisces: fruits and vegetables to lose weight Pisces relatively weak body can only use some gentle ways to lose weight, eat some natural fruits and vegetables rich in slimming is the best way, thin and healthy!

Pigments in fruits: apples, grapefruit, kiwi, bananas.

Vegetables such as: melon, celery, bitter gourd, cucumber and so on.Throw away the zeros on the side of the hand and try to eat these healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables. It is the best recipe for slimming in Pisces.