[Eat MSG or Chicken Essence]_MSG_Benefits_Efficacy

[Eat MSG or Chicken Essence]_MSG_Benefits_Efficacy

Chicken essence and monosodium glutamate are two kinds of condiments that are very common in life. In the eyes of most people, these two kinds of condiments taste similar. In fact, the nutritional content of the two penetrates and penetrates, and the effect of refreshing the foodNot the same.

1. Deep understanding of the main ingredient of MSG and MSG is sodium glutamate. It is a product made from grain as raw material and microbial fermentation, extraction and refining.

There are amino acid substitution receptors in the body’s gustatory organs. When MSG was consumed by people at that time, it stimulated the amino acid receptor located on the taste buds of the tongue, which could make people feel delicious umami, so that MSG can play an appetite role, andInduces the secretion of digestive juice and promotes the digestion and absorption of food.

MSG enters acetic acid and is absorbed and decomposed into glutamic acid. It is one of the amino acids needed by the human body. It is involved in the formation and repair of body tissues and participates in various important physiological functions.

Among them, participating in the metabolism of sugar in the liver and detoxification of the liver reduces the concentration of toxic ammonia in the blood; participating in the metabolism of proteins and sugar in the brain can improve the function of the brain and nerve center to a certain extent.

This can be polished, MSG has a certain degree of health to the human body.

2. In-depth understanding of chicken essence Chicken essence is a substitute made of a variety of flavoring substances. It has both the flavor of MSG and the flavor of other flavoring substances.

Chicken essence is produced after the emergence of new products such as the conversion of taste nucleotides, recombinant animal and plant proteins, and yeast extracts.

It has many advantages: there is no unpleasant taste after adding a bit; there is no dry mouthfeel after eating MSG; the taste is well coordinated and the taste is delicious and mellow.

3. Chicken essence is fresher than MSG?

In fact, monosodium glutamate and chicken essence both have the function of freshening, but the difference is that chicken essence contains monosodium glutamate, nucleotides, plus organic acid salts, sugar, spices, and some products also contain “decomposed protein” or “yeast extract”,It can bring the umami flavor of various amino acids, plus chicken flavor, etc., when mixed, it brings more natural and rich flavor.

4. Does chicken essence contain chicken?

Although most chicken essence packaging says “made with high-quality fat chicken” and “really made from high-quality chicken”, it is not actually made mainly from chicken.

The main ingredients of chicken essence are table salt, maltodextrin and monosodium glutamate. The amount of monosodium glutamate usually exceeds the ingredients derived from natural foods, such as chicken meal or chicken bone meal, egg extract, other meat extracts, etc.

Chicken essence also contains excessive dextrin and starch, and an anti-caking agent is added. It is mainly used for placing and granulating to make the particles loose, not easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate, and easy to use.

5. Experts suggest that whether it is MSG or chicken essence, the dosage should be strictly controlled, and the added amount of each dish involves more than 0.

5 grams, the daily intake of each person does not exceed 6 grams.

Moreover, do not put it too early, generally put chicken essence within ten seconds of turning off the heat, so that the temperature in the pot is reduced, and the risk is reduced.