The performance of frostbite needs daily care


The performance of frostbite needs daily care

Frostbite is a disease that occurs in the cold season. Other diseases can also cause frostbite. If not treated actively, it can cause some serious diseases.

Frostbite is a physical dermatological disease that is a localized inflammatory lesion caused by a combination of low temperature and high humidity environments exposed to tissue freezing.

So what is the performance of frostbite?

How do you care for your daily needs?

Frostbite performance Frostbite clinical classification: I degree, erythema frostbite; II degree, vesicular frostbite; III degree, necrotizing frostbite.

1, frostbite occurs in the early winter, early spring, children, women and peripheral blood circulation are more common, these patients often accompanied by limbs at the end of the skin cold, limbs cyanosis, sweating and other performance.

2, skin lesions occur in the fingers, back of the hand, face, auricle, toe, foot, heel, etc., often distributed.

The common damage is the edematous erythema with localized slurry dark purple-red bulge, the boundary is unclear, the edge is bright red, the surface is tense and shiny, and the quality is soft.

The local attenuation can fade, and the red color gradually recovers after depressurization.

3, severe cases can occur blisters, rupture to form erosion or ulcers, after the retention of pigmentation or atrophic lesions.

Itching is obvious, it is exacerbated after heat, and it is painful after ulceration.

4. There is a special type of frostbite that is more common in women’s thighs.

Clinically, there are characteristic blue-red infiltrative plaques distributed symmetrically on the excessively excessive lateral side of the femur. Occasionally, there may be secondary ulcers and often combined with follicular horn plugs.

These damages are completely related to cold exposure and subside in a warm environment.

How to care after the occurrence of frostbite? If frostbite has occurred, it should be treated in time to use the hot water rewarming method for early frostbite, that is, the affected area is immersed in 38?
In 42 掳 C hot water, 3 times a day, half an hour each time, the temperature of the frozen part is restored to the normal skin temperature as soon as possible, the skin appears red, and the inconvenient part can be locally hot.

It can also be coated with 1%, 2% iodine, turpentine and frostbite cream.

Do not use hot water to get frostbite, do not use fire to bake.

2, with frostbite cream applied outside the frostbite that is not broken during the day can be coated with frostbite cream, daily l?
2 times; use Chinese medicine (guizhi, safflower, aconite, schizonepeta, perilla leaf, 20 grams of dried ginger, 3000 ml of water, boiled and warmed up) in the evening, liquid immersion and frostbiteMinutes, once a night, continuous use for 2 weeks as a course of treatment, has a good effect on repeated repeated frostbite, this method can be used in the first recurrence of frostbite in early winter, with daily warmth, diet, exercise, drugs (such as niacin)Conditioning, multiple mild frostbite can be in 1?
Completely cured within 2 years and not repeated.

3, damaged frostbite with hydrogen peroxide cleaning If the frostbite has broken, washed with hydrogen peroxide, the application of antibiotic ointment, such as tetracycline, neomycin, fish fat ointment, etc., can treat the role of frostbite.

If the frostbite has been ruptured, it should go to the hospital for treatment. For repeated hemorrhagic sores with joint pain and other symptoms suggesting that there may be other diseases such as cryoglobulinemia, Raynaud’s disease, etc., you should go to the hospital in time.