The nine golden dragons in the air merged into one body at this moment, submerged in Lin Yan’s body,Lin Yan shook his whole body and a light wave radiated instantly,Just then there was an earthquake on the mainland,Some strong men looked in this direction in the distance。

“This breath is Yan’er!”Bibi Dong was taken aback。
“father,Is father!”Lin Yushi said milkyly。
“That’s right, the breath of His Royal Highness!”Several Title Douluo were also stunned to feel the riot energy coming from a distance.。
And on a mountain peak in the Haotian School, Tang Yuehua stared at the distant energy closely,A gratifying expression leaked on his face,Then a mouthful of blood came out。
In a secret room in the Royal Family of the Star Luo Empire, a man ran out directly with incredible energy in mid-air。
“interesting,I am looking forward to your appearance in five years。”
At this moment, all the strong are looking in Lin Yan’s direction,Some have angry expressions on their faces and some are indeed worried。
And the Devil Whale King of the Deep Sea turned his head and ran when Lin Yan absorbed the energy,He knows that if he doesn’t run, he will definitely die today,It’s not easy to practice, but you don’t want to die here easily。
“go?Where are you going?!”Lin Yan’s icy voice suddenly passed through the ears of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King,The Demon Whale King of the Deep Sea shook his body and immediately accelerated,Just then Lin Yan didn’t know when to appear next to it,The colorful soul-breaking gun in his hand emits a terrifying breath,So scared that the Demon Whale King of the Deep Sea peeed。
“Let me go,Do not!grandfather,Let me go,It’s not easy for me to practice,As long as you let me go,Really you believe me,The ocean is for you,My ocean overlord,I have the right to decide everything,Don’t you want spirit ring,There are so many soul beasts in the ocean, you can choose,As long as you let me go,I’m going to be a god soon, I really don’t want to die,I beg you,Seeing that you have nothing wrong with me,Can you just treat me as a fart??As long as you let me go, what promise you!”The Deep Sea Demon Whale King said with an ugly expression,It doesn’t want to die,I don’t want to be someone else’s wedding dress.。
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Chapter 165 Colorful Soul-Breaking Gun(Subscribe)
“Ha ha,Deep Sea Demon Whale King Humph,It turns out that you are a greedy person and fear of death,Shouldn’t Soul Beast,Why didn’t you say to let them go when you easily took the lives of other soul beasts,Are they not innocent?,I think Lin Yan is bloody,And you are more bloody and cruel,The purpose of this seat is to kill you to obtain the spirit ring,People will die and their words are good,The king of the deep sea devil whale thinks that you are a million-year-old soul beast to let yourself die with dignity!”Lin Yan looked at the giant deep-sea demon whale king under him coldly。