Chapter Four and Two The trouble of going home

Participate in Qu Waner《study well》A few days before that show,Fang Hao participated in the recording of another veteran variety show on that satellite TV。
That’s really an old variety show,How old are you?He’s older than Fang Hao’s age。
——Before Fang Hao was born,That variety show has already started。
miracly,That variety show20For many years,The ratings have always been high。A lot of artists lined up for the show,There is no performance fee at all。
That is a good stage for publicity。
Qu Wan’er participated in that variety show once,After she won the singing contest,Operated by a brokerage company。
Relying on her own strength,Want to enter that variety show,It’s a little bit short of meaning。
At that time, the company operated by the top ten contestants of that competition show collectively participated,But not the main coffee,Judging from the broadcast effect,More like a background board。
Fang Hao has become the top traffic,Participating in such a program was not discriminated against by the program group,Even he appeared as the main coffee。
After knowing the news, the fans in that city moved quickly,More than 200 people went to support him at the scene,Become the brightest star on the scene。
But he can’t sing,Two can’t dance,Can’t read a poem there——He doesn’t care,The program has to consider the viewing effect。
He participated in such a show,That is to do a game。
But his physical talent is pretty good,Playing games is a good hand,There is nothing to lose except a handful of tofu by two crazy hostesses。
This is his first time on TV variety show,Recording is finished,He doesn’t know when it will be broadcast。
It may be a few days later,It may be ten days later,Maybe even a month or two later。
After finishing the recording of the variety show,By the way, he came to a fan meeting with the stupid fans who came to support。
At the fan meeting,He also stated,He and Qu Wan’er have a good relationship,And they are not in the same industry,There is no fight for position,Urge everyone to stop tearing。
The effect of tearing the two fans has been achieved,Several employees of Haoran Culture Company guided this tearing activity,Firmly consolidated his position as a fan,Those leftover fans have also been gathered,Their combat effectiveness is also stronger。