Woman is shameful and angry,But why not,I have to drill my head into the water.。
“Ha ha。”
Summer festive laugh,Squat in the water pool,After reading it, I will leave.。
It is until he is completely away from,Women’s appearance from the water chamber,That original sweet face is pale。
And carefully do surrounded,Determine the summer has left,This is only,Quickly open the http://www.htdxkeji.cn package to replace clothes,Character in the direction of the summer leaves。
“Shameless lasm,Don’t kill you today,I am not a dragon girl in Tianlongmen.!”
the other side,Summer follow a small road to speed up the footsteps,I still have no one in the way along the way.。
Turn over a hill,Get a stone forest,Through a canyon,I walked forward again.。
The front is a jungle,The jungle is completely covered by Pine Bai,Every pine cypress has more than one person,Branches under the leaf, completely obscure the sky。
Address and maps given by Minglo,Just pass this Songbai Berlin,You can see the palace group where Tianlongmen is located.。
This road is over the mountain,Need to speed up the summer,Still use it for nearly two hours to arrive。
Look at the time,It is now five o’clock in the afternoon.。
http://www.haiwaijiu.cn “finally reached。”
哝 哝,Meiju trails into Pine Berlin。
Just got more than ten steps,Summer figure is stagnant,Gently sniff the nose,A dark scorpion slightly tightly。
Bloody flavor。
Rich bloody。
Continental quiet,Surrounding bush,Birding,It’s just that the face is getting more and more dignified.。
He slowly stepped,Fall on the ground,No sound。
soon,He saw a few bodies,It is extremely tragic。
Some have been splitted,Some have been wearing a heart,There are also a few corpse skulls.,Bloody flowing,Bloody taste is very pungent,Disgusting。
Summer leap over,Connect the body。
These people’s dress is gray robes,Cuffding a mini Dragon。
Obviously the disciple of Tianlongmen。
what happened?
Is it a change in Tianlong??
Think here,Summer standing,Big step。
However, at this http://www.open3dnet.cn time,Face suddenly changed,Fastness。
at the same time,A confidential body。
It is the woman who is suffering。
Shot after blowing,Woman landing,I also saw the body on the ground.,The pretty face that is originally covered with cold cream is more killing.,Untrue。