[Authentic practice of green vegetable lean meat porridge]_ making method _ how to make

[Authentic practice of green vegetable lean meat porridge]_ making method _ how to make

It is said that breakfast is a very important meal. Many people who know how to keep healthy will make breakfast very rich, and can eat a wide variety of foods, so that family members have full choice.

Many people like to eat a bowl of warm porridge in the morning. In order to be nutritious, people will add many other foods to the porridge to increase the nutrition of the porridge.

The authentic method of green meat lean porridge is very simple, everyone can come and learn.

Porridge is the first supplement in the world.

Drinking porridge often has the effect of health and longevity.

Zhang Mu’s “Diabetes Disorder” in the Qing Dynasty said: “Porridge can nourish, but the disease is solid and the disease is solid.

If it is suitable for the disease, those who use fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, and drugs can be eaten as well as food, which is also a medicine and bait.

“Drinking porridge can nourish the spleen and stomach, increase appetite, and supplement the nutrients needed by the body. Moreover, porridge can be used for many ingredients. Porridge is really a good health care product for all seasons.

Rapeseed flavor meridian: cool, sweet, enter liver, spleen, lung meridian, seed Xin, warm.

Can stagnate blood circulation, swelling and detoxification.

Can be used for bloated erysipelas, vomiting due to injury, fever sore, postpartum heart, abdominal diseases and lochia, postpartum diarrhea; ascariasis intestinal obstruction, gas swelling, blood stasis, stomach pain, neuralgia, head congestion.

First, the practice of green meat lean porridge, small English rapeseed, lean meat, rice English name green lean meat porridge Main ingredients: lean meat classification: home cooking taste: light small rape, lean meat, rice practice: 1, washed small rapeseedHot water for a few seconds, immediately soak in cold water, then squeeze the water and chop it for later use.

2. Cut the lean meat into small cubes, add the scallion shabu-shabu, add some raw soy sauce, and fry until the color changes.

3. Boil the congee pot, boil the rice and boil it for half an hour, then cook until the rice is sticky.

4. Add the fried meat and cook for 12 minutes.

Add vegetables and salt at the end and stir for a few minutes.

Obtaining health through diet is not as obvious as taking medicines when we are sick. Only by persisting for a long time can we obtain better results. We know that the practice of green lean lean porridge is relatively simple, and it will not be like white porridgeIt also makes us feel that the taste is single, and friends who like to eat porridge do not prevent it from trying.