Jiang Fan feels she might be really hungry,Just said:“Then I have to change clothes,It’s comfortable to eat like this。”

Ding Yi put down the bowl,Looked at the rice basket,Hold back hunger,Ran back to the bedroom,Quickly changed into clothes,Ran into the bathroom again to wash my hands。
First107chapter News that can be in the headlines
Jiang Fan couldn’t help but became interested in the food Ding Yi bought,He said:“I want to see what you bought?”
He was talking,Just open the lid of the rice basket,The first layer is rice,The second layer is Kung Pao Chicken,The third layer is yellow and green chili bean skin,A cold dish on the fourth floor,Hot and sour kudzu powder。
After putting these things on the table,Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“God,What’s wrong with you?Why all the spicy dishes?”
Ding Yi just came out of the bathroom,She stood by the dining table and took a look,Said:“Yes,Why are all spicy dishes,I just wanted to eat,I didn’t expect it to be spicy。”
Jiang Fan looked at these ordinary dishes,Asked:“These are all you want to eat?”
Ding Yi sat down,Said:“Yes。”
“Still want to eat now?”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“of course,I really want to eat,Otherwise I won’t want it。”Talking,Don’t wait for Jiang Fan,Sit down and eat。
Jiang Fan couldn’t even lift his head while watching her eating,I frowned and thought about it,Just about to speak,Just listen to Ding Yi:“If you stop eating,I’ll eat it all in a while。”
Jiang Fan watched her gobbling up,Not in a hurry to eat,Hands on the table,Asked:“baby,Why do you suddenly want to eat spicy?And it’s still hot?”
Ding swallowed hot and sour kudzu root powder,So spicy that she peeed,While fanning the wind with my hand,Said:“Just think,how,Can’t manage?”
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“These common side dishes,You marry anyone,He will take care of you。just,Haven’t you thought about why?”